Small Ways to Improve the Value of your Home Before Selling

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So the twins have drawn all over the walls, you’ve left various gifts from years past lying around the house, your garage is full of junk, and your front lawn would make even Tarzan tremble in fear. You want to sell your house soon, but you’re worried that you might not maximise the value of your house by selling it as it is. And rightfully so. The first impressions that your house make on potential buyers are extremely important and can cause the value of your home to fluctuate wildly. Make the most of your weekends and maximise the value of your home by following these simple steps:

Clean it!

It’s simple. Although time consuming, cleaning your home is a very inexpensive way of improving the value of your home before you sell. Scrubbing off the drawings that the kids have scribbled all over the walls will make your home seem much cleaner. Better yet, a fresh coat of paint in the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom will make your home seem fresh and increase its value exponentially.


Don’t forget that you should also de-clutter where possible. This make your house seem a lot more spacious, as well as taking away from distractions that potential buyers might see.

This is a little less simple, because clutter is something that you get used to quite easily. Walk around your house and make sure that there isn’t too much of a distracting mess. When you’re done, invite a friend over to look over your home with fresh eyes, and take their suggestions into mind.

Resist the temptation to lump all of your things in the garage or a spare bedroom. Doing this suggests that your house doesn’t have nearly enough room for all of your possessions, so get rid of superfluous items where possible.

Don’t add a room, re-invent one.

Rumpus room full of junk? Clear it out, decorate it, and call it a bedroom or a nursery room. This will instantly put your home in the market for families that have such needs. Take a look at the surrounding real estate in Victoria, for example, is a family-friendly community, where houses may benefit from a nursery room for young couples, or a rumpus room for fuller families. Make sure you tailor your home to its neighbourhood demographics.

Make your home look nice from the street.

A simple way to increase value of your home is to make it look appealing from the curb. Trim any shrubs that need trimming, get rid of any lawn ornaments, toys, and tools that clutter the front, and replace the mailbox if it needs replacing.

The front view of your house is the first impression that buyers will get of your house. Make it count – if your house is in an affluent suburb, you may need to take an extra step and make sure that meets the high standards of these communities!

This is a guest post.  Joe Bedet is a realtor who frequently advises home sellers on how they can maximise the value of their real estate in Mill Park was a great starting point for his career, as he has seen many different homes and has helped to get the most value from them.

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