The Antics of the World’s Most Eccentric Millionaires

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There is an idea that millionaires are people who are extremely driven, which accounts for them amassing filthy amounts of money. The term millionaire itself conjures images of a person who has worked hard in order to attain millions or even billions. Another image would be of those who inherited and enjoy their wealth courtesy of their respective families. These scenarios are true to some extent and the stories of how these people were able to acquire such amounts of money can be used to inspire others.

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There are stories also of how they spent their vast amounts of cash, such as making donations to further certain causes or charity events. What captures the imagination of the general public though are those stories about the quirks and eccentricities of the millionaires.
One such example is Johan Huibers, a Dutch construction magnate, who dreamt that his country might experience flooding again. The dream affected him so much that he decided to have his own ark built. It was modeled after the ark built by Noah as described in Genesis in the Bible. It is more or less the same size, but Huibers claimed to have taken some creative license in the materials used as well as in its method. He used welders which were not yet in existence during the times of Noah. Yes, he also filled it with a couple of animals, although they were inanimate.

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Lifestyle tycoon Scott Alexander, on the other hand, was not interested in arks but what he did was buy an entire town for himself and have it named after him since the original one was, apparently, too hard to pronounce. A far cry from his penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Referred to at times as the vainest man in Britain, Scott Alexander certainly lives up to his moniker.

Nicholas Berggruen disposed of his properties, such as his homes and cars because he lost interest in purchasing material possessions. He now lives in hotels and plans to leave his wealth to charity while his art collections will go to a museum in Berlin.

Graham Pendrill also had his own awakening. He went to Kenya and was able to facilitate the stoppage of a dispute between tribes. The act earned him the title of an Elder in the Masai Tribe. The experience affected him so much that he has taken to wearing the Masai clothes even when in the UK. He has plans of divesting himself of his wealth and going back to Kenya to live with the tribe in their traditional mudhouses.

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It seems like money though cannot make one truly happy and that is definitely true in the case of Karl Rabeder. So what he did is to give it all away. He sold his properties and set up charitable institutions. Instead of living in a luxury villa, he stays in a simple wooden hut in the mountains.

For Robert Clarke Graham, it was not a matter of being happy or not. What he wanted was to have more smart people in the world and that is why he founded the Repository of Germinal Choice. It is a sperm bank that only accepted donations from people with extremely high intelligence level such as Nobel Prize Awardees. They later accepted donations from those who were athletically-gifted as well.

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