The Housewives Guide To Saving Cash

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If you’re a full on penny pincher or just someone who appreciates a good bargain, here are 7 ways we can all save a little extra cash with minimal effort.

Packed Lunch
Whether you’re a student, full time mom, working professional or you have any excuse for being out the house for a large proportion of the day – don’t waste money on expensive lunches from the deli. Yes high street shops might offer ‘meal deal’ where you can get a sandwich, pack of crisp and a drink for £3 but that’s £15 a week. For less than a fiver you can buy a loaf of bread, sandwich filler and six pack crisps, throw in a bottle of water filled from the tap for free and that’s money in your pocket.

Price Comparison Sites
Whether it’s for household utilities, car insurance or credit cards always make sure you’re getting the best deal. When your insurance renewal time rolls round don’t let it automatically renew with your current provider unless they’re offering you the best price and chances are the quote they’re putting in the first letter is not their best price. Check the comparison sites in case you can find a better offer then call your current insurer and ask if they can do any better – nine times out of ten they’ll be able to shave something off.

Clothes Hoarder
Around 75% of your wardrobe needs to be basics and essentials, plain pieces that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. The other 25% needs to be statement pieces, most women get this the wrong way round (which is why we can never find anything to wear!) so next time you’re about to get the super cute low cut top think about whether you really need it. When you are stocking up on the essentials get the most expensive item you can afford, if it truly is a classic it won’t go out of style and it will last longer than the cheap alternative put together by child sweat shop workers.

Cook From Scratch
This one really isn’t rocket science, it’s just basic science. Learn what herbs and spices complement one another, learn what goes with what and stop buying expensive jars of sources full of artificial additives and preservatives. Most standard herbs and spices cost less than £1 per jar and will easily make a dozen plus meals, a jar of stir in source from the supermarket will cost at least a £1 and make just one meal. It’s also healthier if you’re cooking from scratch too as you can see exactly what’s going into your meal.

Modify The Way You Drive
The way you drive has a dramatic impact on how often you’re filling up at the pumps. Make sure you’re accelerating slowly and working your way through all the gears and the same goes for breaking. Getting right up close to the person in front of you because they’re not going fast enough for your liking and having to keep tapping the break isn’t going to make them speed up (they might just be that obstinate that they slow down even more). Driving on under inflated tyres also uses more fuel so make sure they’re at the right pressure. Leave plenty of time for your journeys so you’re not flooring it, 50mph in 5th gear is the optimum speed to drive at.

Always Check Your Bill
Whether it’s your supermarket receipt, bill from the restaurant or your mobile phone bills don’t just automatically throw the cash down, check it first. Has everything gone through at the right price? Have any promoted special offers come off? Have you been charged for a starter you didn’t order or data you didn’t use? It’s your money so if you’re entitled to it don’t be scared to speak up, even if it turns out should have been charged it’s unlikely to push your bill any higher and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Get your friends together for a good old swap session, anything goes. Those shoes you’re never actually going to wear again, that rug you got when you went through that Moroccan phases and the yogurt maker your mum got you for Christmas. You might not want these things anymore but so long as they’re not in too bad condition one of your friends might and you could get something really useful or something that’s been on your wish list for months.

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