The Most Useless Money Saving Tips Ever Given

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roll of toilet tissueAnyone can save money. Making it work is all about having a certain amount of common sense and applying it to your daily life. For example not spending money you don’t have.

Yet to some cutting back on the amount they spend in order to save money is an alien concept, something they do not understand and have no interest in doing.

Over the years there have been some great money saving tips published, incredible practical advice to get the most from the money that comes into the house, and stopping the outflow of money from hemorrhaging out of control. However where there is good advice there is often bad advice and the area of home economy is no exception to this rule.

Turning 2-ply into Two Rolls

This is actually suggested as a sincere money saving option if you are trying to cut back on everything. Take your standard roll of 2-ply toilet tissue and separate it. Simple as that. Well yes it is simple enough, if time consuming.

Pulling apart the layers of an entire toilet roll is no quick job, there is the unrolling, the separating and the rolling of the now two rolls back up again. Does it really save you money when you are using more of the single ply to stop your fingers from going through it, than you would of the 2 ply?

Are you ready to take that poop under the fingernail risk? Well if you are you will be pleased to know that this single act can save you up to a staggering £8 a year! Still think it’s worth it?


So most of your household budget is being spent on food right? So, theoretically if you don’t eat anything for one day a week you will be saving money on your food bill, right? Forget the fact that you are going to be in a foul mood, hungry, craving what you have in your fridge and eating more to make up for it the next day.

Get everyone in the family to live off their assets for one day a week and you’re laughing all the way to the bank. This is actually money saving advice offered in a real, ready to buy book, not just some quirky idea someone’s mad old aunty came up with.

Anyone for Lint?

Running a tumble dryer can be expensive so there has to be a way that you can make it serve a greater purpose and find some money saving opportunity in the act of using one. Well some clever little creative person has discovered that the lint that your dryer stores up can be of use. You know what lint is right?

The fluffy stuff that comes off your sweaters, pajamas and dressing gowns, combines itself up with loose hairs from various parts of the body and any other fluff that it happens to encounter in the dryer. Well it seems that this lint has a multitude of money saving uses, from stuffing a toy for your children to plumping up your sagging old mattress, and insulating your house.

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Claire saves money by using practical common sense methods which means that she can afford to treat herself using her AA credit card whenever she wants, without worrying about the consequences.


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