Things too Good to go Uninsured

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Insure Body Parts

Until today, you probably never realized that it was possible to get a mustache ensured. Or how about a tongue? Or your fingers? Sometimes it seems that everything in the celebrity culture is magnified by a million, even everyday things like insurance!


It makes you wonder what you would get insured if you could. Think for a minute about what would be the most important thing to you to get insured.  How about your bowling arm? Or what about that favorite pair of jeans that you love?


Bette Davis had her waist insured for weight gain, so how about taking out a policy to protect your waistline in the case of excessive eating on Thanksgiving Day? It is probably unlikely that you will ever get the chance to insure these things, but then, they are probably not what make you your money. So perhaps we’ll just stick to home insurance for now!

This infographic is brought to you by Budget Direct, an Australian insurance company that focuses on “cutting the cost, not the cover”.  Cheap home insurance is one of the many things that Budget Direct excels at.


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