Top 10 Dumbest Criminals Caught On Tape

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A policeman’s job of making sure that our community is safe is never easy. However, every time they encounter a thoughtless criminal, it makes their job a little bit easier. Even though we know that intelligence is not a prerequisite for those who decides to follow a life of crime, it definitely would have helped the top 10 dumbest criminals caught on tape.
1.) Robert Wilkinson- The Drunk Bohemian Rhapsody Cop Car

Singer( is probably the most famous drunk convicted for impaired driving and for refusing a breathalyzer-test.

His internet fame shot up when police car cameras recorded his belting out of the Queen’s “Bohemian-Rhapsody” while in the back seat of the police cruiser. However, Wilkinson ended singing a different-tune in court. He was ordered to pay a fine of $1,400 and was prohibited from driving for a year.

2.) Galveston, Texas Police Officers are Currently on a Lookout for the “Dancing” Burglar

( Galveston Police Captain Jeff Heyse released a video showing a man chatting with someone before busting his “signature” dance moves.

The juvenile dancer was then identified as one of the three connected to the Duck Tours amphibious automobile burglary. Heyse stated in a press release that the 16-year-old juvenile suspect is branded for his “swag” or dance move. He even does it at the school hallways.

3.) A Bunch of Robbers Overmastered a Bank in Parana, Brazil

( and was able to collect an estimated $16,000. Everything went well for them, not until one of them accidentally shot his foot. Security cameras show the robber, who was acting as a lookout fumbling with his two guns when one unexpectedly goes off and fires him in the foot. He was later arrested that day after he sought medical care at a local hospital.

4.) A Thief Crashed through the Ceiling of a Grocery Store he was Planning to Rob

( The unidentified burglar fell and landed on floor near the checkout counter stunning shoppers around him. Police authorities believe that the man was trying to steal copper wire from the store but he apparently misjudged his stability.

5.) Steamboat, Colorado- Cowboys Rides Horse in the Supermarket

( three (3) people started a commotion when they rode their horses into local businesses. They rode into a Starbucks, several bars and a supermarket. This upheaval lasted for more than 10-hours before the cowboys were confronted by local deputies.

6.) Timothy Parker- Thief in Motorized Wheelchair

( was charged and arrested with breaking and entering when a security camera caught him stealing from a local store. His getaway vehicle? A motorized wheel chair.

7.) Anthony DiVietro- The Dancing Shoplifter

( became a YouTube sensation when security camera footage of him dancing while stealing a red dress went viral. He started his antics by stuffing the red dress into his trousers’ waistband while waving his arms and bouncing around. He then grabbed a few more items before making his exit. He was then approached by a member of the security staff so he ended up tossing his goods and making a run for it.

8.) A Thief Decided to Chop Down a Gingko Tree just to steal a Bike Chained to it

( He managed to get the tree down and making off with the bike in less than 12 minutes. The short operation was caught through CCTV and looked like a silent comedic film.

9.) A Robber Attempting to Steal from a Shop in South Carolina

( had a ski mask malfunction. The video shows the incompetent burglar’s many attempt to put his disguise, a ski mask! Unfortunately, all of his effort was done in front of the store’s security camera.

10.) Two (2) Burglars Broke into a Hooters Restaurant to Steal a Jukebox

( San Diego police believes that the thieves may have confused the jukebox for an ATM. The suspects, two males, got away with the jukebox. What they don’t know is that everything was caught on video.

Yes, some crimes sound too dumb to be true. However, that doesn’t change the fact that dumb or not, they have to pay for the crimes that they’ve committed. Aside from possible convictions they also get to the a part of the top 10 dumbest criminals caught on tape list.

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