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Tax advice blogs give individuals and businesses the opportunity to learn tips and tricks to lower their tax burden. As the calendar year ends and tax season begins, here are five top tax blogs you can use to get a jump on your taxes and save some money. Each blog was chosen for being easy to understand, publishing regularly and offering practical tax guidance.


Taxbrain offers tax advice, news updates, and lots of tactics to get the biggest refunds. Taxbrain periodically runs innovative promotions like the recent “Free Tax Prep for Life.” Inspired by social media, contestants had to describe how they “Lived More.” The catch was they had to write it in 80 characters or less. Taxbrain is available in all over 50 states. The main site is at The blog is located at


Kelly Phillips Erb is part of’s family of business bloggers. Her Taxgirl blog deftly blends current political and pop culture news with practical advice. For example, a recent column discussed Lindsay Lohan’s tax problems. Another column showed how to take advantage of charitable deductions before the end of the year.

She is the author of “Ask the Taxgirl: Everything You Should Know About Filing Taxes.” She has been a high-profile blogger on tax issues for many years. As a full time tax attorney running her own law firm, she concentrates on family and business tax advice.

Tax Guru

Kerry M. Kerstetter is the Tax Guru. His slogan is “Helping Real People Win The Tax Game.” His blog is located at Mr. Kerstetter concentrates on helping small business owners and investors with current tax advice. His blog has practical information as well as a heavy dose of humor. The blog features dozens of political and business cartoons poking fun at current tax laws and governmental policies.

He also has plenty of links to useful websites like current Federal tax regulations, financial calculators, Internal Revenue Service code, and a handy glossary of tax terms. bills itself as “The Tax Daily For the Citizen Taxpayer.” Their goal is to help individual taxpayers educate themselves by providing easy to understand information on the tax system.

The blog is based on the idea that people writing tax laws and codes are not held as accountable as they should be. The blog explains that taxes are a just and fair price for living in an organized society. Taxes pay for our defense, infrastructure, and health care for people in need. However, those writing the tax codes should be scrutinized and reviewed on a consistent basis.

Recent blog posts looked at current tax loopholes, the status of business taxes, and why certain citizen groups are not good for tax policy. The blog features a variety of authors with multiple posts being published each day. The balance of provides a comprehensive Information Center, Financial Tools and plenty of IRS Publications, Forms and Instructions.

Tax Resolution University

Tax Resolution University is a blog published by Michael Rozbruch of Tax Resolution Services, Inc. He is a leading authority on individual and small business taxes. Mr. Rozbruch is both a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. In 2009, he won the “Top Tax Advisor to Know During The Recession” award from CPA magazine. Tax Resolution University provides a constant diet of tax relief tips and commentary. One popular feature is the “Tax Relief Weekly News Round-Up.”

There are plenty of financial websites on the Internet. Getting specific and timely tax information is more of a challenge. The five tax blogs listed here do a good job of providing timely, relevant information business owners and taxpayers can use to trim their tax burden as much as possible.

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