What To Do If You Have Been In An Auto Accident

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No matter where it takes place, auto accidents can be traumatic, and sometimes life threatening experiences.

If you are ever involved in such an accident, remembering some important steps to take in the aftermath could protect your legal entitlements to compensation, insulate you from criminal liability, and perhaps save someone’s life.

Remain Calm

First and foremost, you must always remain calm after being involved in an accident. Do not panic. Without putting yourself in harms way, do your best to ensure that cars are moved away from the flow of traffic, that the ignitions of the vehicles involved are turned off, that hazard lights are turned on, and generally speaking, that no additional harm is caused. Sometimes auto wrecks can leave one or more vehicles completely inoperable, and if it becomes impracticable to move cars, simply make sure that everyone involved in the accident has been moved to safety.

Call 911

Upon discovery of any kind of injury or death, immediately call 911. That said, even if the accident has only caused damage to property, one must nevertheless call the police and wait patiently for their arrival. A premature departure from the scene of the accident could lead to criminal charges. Instead of leaving the scene, conduct a thorough assessment of the damage to the cars involved, and try to record any damage. The best way to do this is to photograph the damage to the automobiles involved.

Do Not Admit Fault

Be careful about what you say, and to whom you say it to immediately following the accident. Read anything you are asked to sign carefully before signing, and generally, do not agree to sign anything on the spot unless for the police. Do not admit fault to anyone, regardless of whether you think you are at fault. Such a statement can be used against you in court.

Obtain Important Information

Focus on obtaining important information from those involved in the accident, including contact information of drivers, passengers, and witnesses to the accident. Also make sure to obtain a description of each car, license plate numbers of other cars, and the insurance company and vehicle identification number (or “VIN”) for every automobile involved in the accident.

Call An Attorney

Lastly, make sure to consult with an experienced and qualified attorney to explore potential claims or defenses against other drivers or insurance companies. An attorney with the appropriate experience in auto accidents can ensure that you are protected and that your rights are vindicated.

This is guest post.  William Doyle wrote this article on behalf of Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Morris Anderson Law.

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