What To Do If You’re Locked Up Abroad

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You went on an all inclusive vacation that suddenly turns into a nightmare and you were arrested. To make matters worse, they decide to lock you up at a prison for a few years. Now you might be thinking that this could never happen to you, but there have been many people who went overseas and found themselves locked up in a foreign prison. Knowing what to do in that situation can help you to get through it.

Here is what to do if you are ever locked up abroad:

Stay Calm: The most important thing to do is to stay as calm as you can. You will not make matters any better by growing fearful. Instead, think of the positive things in your life and stick to them like glue.

Call your local embassy: The embassy can help you out of a sticky situation. Your embassy might not be able to get you out of the situation, but when you are in trouble they are the ones who can best help you. They can at least make sure that you are being treated right.

Call your parents: This can be very difficult when you have been locked up overseas, but it is well worth doing because it will help you in the long run. It is always best if they know so that they are not worrying where you went. Also, your parents can help to put more money forth so that you will be able to hire a skilled lawyer.

Find a good lawyer: A good lawyer can get you out of the worst jams. If you can find a lawyer who is specialized for what you need, then even better. The reason that you want a specialized lawyer is because they will know that area of law even better than a general lawyer. They will know all of the smaller laws and loopholes that could potentially get you out of a bind, whereas a lawyer who is not specialized in an area might miss an important subtle law that could have made you a free person.

Understand the customs: Especially inside of prison, you want to understand the customs of that location. The reason is because you can accidentally offend someone without meaning too, and in a prison, offending someone can be a mistake that could prove fatal. You would hope that they will take into consideration that you are foreign, but not everyone in prison will be understanding.

When you are locked up abroad it is important to be easy on yourself. Do not beat yourself up over it because it can be difficult enough without being against yourself. The best thing to do is to stay calm and collected. Understand that everyone makes mistakes and that you will get through the situation.

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