Why You Should Compare EVERYTHING

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When the internet was invented, the world completely changed.  Where in the past, you bought your bread from the baker, your clothes from the clothes store and your cars from a dealer; you now go online and set out to find the best deals.  The internet is one big money making scheme, basically.  Anything you could possibly think of can be sold online, even things such as chicken saddles and bags of air.  Although you can debate the pros and cons of this materialistic world until you turn blue, you could also simply accept that this is the way things are and use it to your advantage.

Compare Everything

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Comparing Your Household Bills

We all try to spend as little money as possible, because we live in a global economic depression.  There are a number of things that we all need however, such as gas, electricity and water.  These standard bills, however, don’t need to cost you the earth.  Because of competition, suppliers of these utilities fight with each other over customers by offering ever lower deals.  Sure, the price of natural resources keep going up, but if you compare the market regularly and are not afraid to switch providers when necessary, you could save a whole lot of money.

Comparing Standard Financial Products

Another thing we all need in order to survive is a bank account.  Unfortunately, it is no longer legal to work by just receiving money, so even if you are on benefits, you need to have a bank account.  Different bank accounts have different pros and cons.  You can compare what sort of rates on overdrafts different banks offer, what sort of costs are involved with holding an account and what sort of banking policies the banks have.  Check this, because quite a lot of banks invest in unethical processes, including arms trades, so you may want to switch to a bank that has principles that you can agree with as well.

Comparing Your Shopping

You can even compare the shopping you do on a regular basis.  Supermarkets offer to refund you the difference if you find an item cheaper elsewhere.  Other websites offer you a discount if you shop with a supermarket through the other website.  Using these sorts of tools can really reduce the amount of money you spend on your everyday shopping.

How Does it all Work?

Basically, the internet has made competition fiercer across the world.  You need to use this to your advantage by basically playing the merchants at their own game.  Don’t be afraid to contact a merchant and tell them that you have found the exact same product or service for less money.  They want your custom and they will probably offer you a discount to at least match the price you have been given elsewhere.  It is all about using the internet to your advantage and using the different price comparison websites to get the best deal.  Always remember that the customer is king.  You are the customer, you are the one with the money and merchants should provide you with what you are looking for.

Best of all, you don’t have to be squeaky clean yourself in order to take advantage of this.  For instance, you can compare credit cards for bad credit and end up with an excellent deal to sort out your own finances.  This is a guest post.


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