Quality of Life Questionnaire!

Select True or False for each statement as it pertains to your life right now.


Your Happy Place

Not happy with the results from your Quality of Life Questionnaire? Create small factors that make you happy now and a long term plan that will keep you happy. Simple activities like watching a movie, spending time with loved ones or eating your favorite treat can easily create moments of happiness. Formulating a plan to reach your long term goals like improved health, a better career or having a loving relationship will give you purpose.

When you reach those goals you will find yourself in your happy place every day of your life. Your circumstances affect your happiness but it is also your choice to be happy. Define your own quality of life measures. Choose to be happy and improve your quality of life. Our Freebies page has resources to help you with some of the major things in life. Take a look and see how you can use to start living the life you want to live. FREEBIES