10 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

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nature-weddingOne of the best wedding ideas is an outdoor wedding where you tie the knot under the presence of the heavenly bodies and beings and surrounded by the calm and serene nature.

The even looks just perfect, divine even. Picturing this is easy and pleasant, but making it happen will require some effort on your side.

Here are ten tips for the perfect outdoor wedding to help you make your wedding dream come true.

1. Get Permits Beforehand
• To perform an outdoor wedding, you have to first get the permission to use the government and public’s resources from the relevant authorities. This will most probably be the local government.
• Be sure to get clarification on trash removal or whether you are not allowed to light candles, host bands, and take photographs among other things. This way you will stay out of trouble with the local authority.
• It would not be nice seeing them make a not-so-friendly appearance at your wedding.

2. Ensure your guests are comfortable, it’s a time to be happy
• You will be hosting a wedding while surrounded by nature, and when it comes to nature, anything goes. As such, try to get the weather predictions for the wedding day so that you may advise your guests accordingly about the appropriate dressing code.
• Also, consider having some equipment like fans, sunscreen, and portable heaters on hand. A nice and sturdy tent is of course necessary.

3. Make the most out of the sun
• The sun makes everything beautiful, and your wedding would be even more beautiful with you and your better half surrounded by the glow of the setting sun.
• If the wedding cannot wait until the evening, make sure that the sun shines directly behind the guests’ backs so as not to spoil the view.

4. Do something about the wind
• The wind comes and goes whenever it feels like, and predicting it may prove hard. As such, it is better to just be prepared. As such, advise your guests to dress appropriately.
• For the bride and women in general, avoid light fabrics and get a compact but still beautiful hairdo to since the wind may mess up your appearance.
• The tent should also be strong enough so as not to fly off with the wind.

5. Have a contingency plan
• This is one of the most important tips for the perfect outdoor wedding. Though the weather man/girl is usually right most of the time, sometimes the weather just surprises us, and it may just do so with rains.
• The tent can take on light rains easily; it can in fact be a beautiful thing. Heavy rains on the other hand will soak the ground and bring discomfort to the people. As such, it is necessary that there is a room nearby where everyone can go to shelter away from the rain in case it rains.

6. Decoration
• The nature is beauty in itself, but you may need to add a little personal touch on top of it.
• Groom the grass and flowers and clean up the space you intend to use for the ceremony.
• Also, groom the flowers if any are present or get some for that rosy feeling. Artificial décor would not hurt either.

7. Be audible
• There may be more noise outside compared to indoors, and this may make it hard for your guests to keep up with the proceedings without straining their hearing senses.
• To prevent this, rent a sound system with clip mikes for the people making the presentations. The band you hire to entertain the guests will take care of this for you.

8. Stomach affairs
• It is understood that food is necessary, making this one of the vital tips for the perfect outdoor wedding.
• Hire an experienced caterer who knows just the right food to serve with the weather that will be around since the guests’ tastes will definitely be determined by the weather.

9. Beverages
• Serve your guests nice and cool refreshing drinks. You may want to keep alcohol shelved until later since its dehydrating.

10. Do something about the unwanted guests; the flies
• Insects may ruin the whole thing by disturbing the guests every now and then. As such, you need to have a safe repellant, like citronella candles or a bug zapper to keep them at bay.

Make use of these tips for the perfect outdoor wedding and your wedding will be just that, perfect.

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