3 Unusual Ways To Get Back In The Dating Game

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couple drinking a shakeAs anyone who has ever been on a date can tell you; dating is not easy.

It’s a minefield of second guessing, deciding how much you really need to reveal about yourself and lots and lots of judging.

So if you have had bad experiences in the past, for whatever reason, it is understandable if you are not hammering on the door of your nearest speed dating venue in order to get a few more bites of the cherry.

However, why should you let what’s happened in the past affect your chances of a successful and fruitful relationship in the future?

It’s time to forget those past misadventures and find the confidence to put yourself back out there; which of course is no mean feat. That’s why using one of these three methods might make it easier.

Time Line Therapy™ –

Time Line Therapy® is a form of holistic treatment that aims to dispel the negative emotions that you have attached to events that happened in the past in order to leave you in a better position to create the future you desire.

You may have experienced relationships that ended badly and this is why you are cautious about stepping into the dating world once again, but Time Line Therapy® will help to remove these road blocks.

The emotional baggage that we carry with us from past decisions is sure to affect the way we act in the future and so Time Line Therapy® equips you with ways of releasing these emotions healthily.

By addressing the root cause of these limiting feelings you will be more confident of getting back into dating.

Neurolinguistic Programming –

NLP is a form of cognitive therapy which looks at the relationship between the brain and language. It can help you to communicate better with other people as well as gaining more control over the power of your mind.

By taking an NLP course you will be able to understand the relationship process better and be able to strike up a rapport with someone a lot more confidently.

Rapport is very important in dating as if things seem to be going well from the start then there’s a much bigger chance of them progressing well.

By understanding how to interact effectively with members of the opposite sex you will feel more confident about approaching people out of your comfort zone and this could lead to a new relationship blossoming.

Stop Looking –

It may not sound like the best piece of advice for someone wanting to find that perfect relationship but by cooling your search you may just find than love hits you when you are least expecting it.

By purposely going out to look for that perfect partner you may be displaying traits that are disingenuous to how you really are as a person and this may be making you come on too strong.

The thing to remember is that there is no rush and you will feel far more happy and content about the situation if it ends up happening naturally rather than through you actively encouraging it.

So if you want to find a date with those ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ then let them swim to you.

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Chris Mayhew has had his fair share of bad relationships in the past and so knows how hard it is to put yourself back out there. He would recommend NLP from Performance Partnership for anyone struggling to find the confidence to start dating again.


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