4 Innovative Wedding Favor Ideas

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For couples who are soon to tie the knot and are on the hunt for out-of-the-box wedding favors for their guests, here are four noteworthy concepts to consider.

Tree Wedding Favors

Couples who believe in environmental causes will definitely find this idea quite innovative. Not only will they be able to foster their commitment to all things earth-friendly, they will also get the chance to share and communicate their green principles to their friends and family members. These wedding favors can either be in the form of seedlings placed in stylish packaging, or a variety of garden plant kernels contained in charming boxes. Just make sure to pick the type of plant or tree that will easily thrive in various soil or temperature conditions so as to allow utmost practicality.
It will also be an added charm to incorporate an eco-card to these wedding favors. The card should have the couple’s personal message.

iPhone / Smartphone Application

Nowadays, coming up with an iPhone application isn’t much of a feat anymore. It will only have to involve working with a professional developer. The idea is to come up with a generic, albeit, entertaining application that will more or less catch the fancy of a couple’s guests, regardless of whichever demographic they belong to. The application need not be too expensive or elaborate. It is all about creating something that can echo camaraderie and commonality amongst the couple’s loved ones.
This application’s official launch will of course be on the wedding day.

Creative Wedding Favors

These are personalized wedding giveaways. Although, the word personalized here doesn’t mean to merely come up with do-it-yourself knick-knacks. To make a wedding favor even more special, a couple can easily resort to their very own proclivities. For instance, couples who make visual arts can turn their own artwork into wedding favors. A graphic design, painting, or even an artsy doodle, can be duplicated, framed, signed, and accentuated with a nice ribbon, the same way that musically-inclined couples can produce their very first EP, and make enough copies for their wedding guests. The bottom line is to whip up something personal, creative, and yes, memorable.

Surely, wedding guests will appreciate the effort and sentimental value that went into these giveaways.

Gift Cards / Vouchers

This is most applicable to couples who own a business, whether small-scale or one that has already been making immense profits for years. Design a gift card or voucher- that is if there’s none yet available, and distribute these freebies to guests. Not only will this prove exciting for the guests, it can also be counted as a marketing initiative for the existing business.

The aforementioned concepts are just some of the many ideas couple can exhaust when finalizing their wedding favor options. There are many novel ways to go about this specific wedding requirement, and only takes a simple act of speculation. It can all start with the question what if. From there, the possibilities abound.

But of course, there is one consideration that all couples should not overlook: wedding favors, no matter how fun and quirky and creative they are, will lose their magic once they don’t exactly fit the wedding’s theme.

This is a guest post.  Guest author Joel Chang is Manager for Online Sales at JAF Gifts and Centerpieces. He has been in the wholesale-retail industry for over 5 years and has a background in arts, crafts and DIY projects.


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