4 Reasons That Ladies Love Hot Cars

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The male peacock spreads out its illustrious and colorful feathers whenever a female that it is interested in comes within a certain distance. American males do the very same thing, except they substitute their automobiles in place of naturally-grown feathers. No matter what region of North America you reside in, having a slick, high-powered ride will lead to an abundance of incredibly beautiful women at your fingertips. Here are four reasons why.

A Sense of Security

The plain truth is that gorgeous women are drawn toward the magnetic power of wealth and security, and an expensive, well-maintained car is a mark of a man that can take care of their most important needs. Pull up in front of any social hotspot with engines idling like purring pumas and large and chrome wheels, and women of all types will certainly take notice. Do it on a regular basis and you just might get a reputation as the town playboy.

Everyone is Drawn to Beauty

One of the many essential truths of humankind is that fact that we are drawn to beautiful and splendidly angular things. Hot sports and muscle cars certainly fall into this coveted category, and their impact on the common single woman is much like the impact that a perfectly sculpted set of male abdominal muscles would have on them. Hot cars drawn hot women; it’s as simple as that. The roar of a turbo-charged engine often ignites a passion with a woman, instantly convincing her that the person behind the wheel can be trusted to handle any situation.

Alpha Male Status

Let’s face it, the streets and highways of America are a lot like the halls of a crowded high school. Everyone is flaunting anything that they have to flaunt, and maintaining a lofty status is every bit as important as getting to your next destination. Many of the Alpha males of this world like to own cars that stand out among the masses and are customized and personalized to their own desires. Fast sports cars that are fitted with sleek chrome add-ons, neon headlights or other car accessories are the mark of a person that is not just surviving in this world, but thriving. It is no secret that many women want to be with a man like this.

Her own Benefit

Gorgeous women that seek out men who own stellar cars do so for a variety of reasons, and one of them is their own personal benefit. Women can be ultra-competitive with each other, and making their way into a luxurious car will certainly draw the attention of other females, perhaps making them envious. It is a mark of achievement on the part of the woman and a source of pride, much like a hunter would feel after bagging the largest and fastest game on the reserve.

This is a guest post.  Ralph Emery works at CARiD.com which reviews custom accessories for SUVs, trucks and cars.  He’s a blogger, a muscle car enthusiast, and a father of three.

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