4 Things Women Instantly Notice About Men

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When a woman walks into a bar or restaurant, it’s normal for most men to turn their heads and check her out, but did you know that women do the exact same thing to men? You might think that guys are the only ones who instantly size the opposite sex up, but women are guilty of making snap judgments too. Here are the four things that women notice instantly about men.

Confidence. Women are inherently attracted to confident men. There is something undeniably alluring about a man who knows exactly who he is and where he is going. When a man walks into a room with his head held high, shoulders back and a relaxed air of confidence, women immediately notice. Of course, there is a huge difference between confidence and cockiness. Arrogance isn’t a trait that draws positive attention from women, so don’t go overboard with the confidence.

All smiles. It would be super awkward if everyone, male or female, walked around with permanent grins on their faces, but women do notice if a man looks like he’s happy or hating life. If it’s the latter, they might not be interested. If a guy looks like he is fun to be around and seems open and friendly, he’s naturally going to attract more attention from women versus a man who is stoic, never smiles and seems like his puppy just died.

Who they are with. The company a guy keeps can tell the world a lot about him. If his friends are rude and rowdy, women will assume that he isn’t any different. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, but if his friends are acting like jerks it’s safe to say that most women won’t bother to dig any deeper. It begs the question, why is this guy hanging out with people like this in the first place?

His style. Of course, looks are a huge part of any first impression. But women aren’t so much checking a guy out to see if he’s handsome or not-that is totally objective. What they are looking for is clues in his style that will tell her what type of man he is. Is dressed in a suit or in jeans and a sweatshirt? Does he have a brand new, fancy car or is he driving a beat up vintage truck? One isn’t necessarily better than the other-every woman is different. They are simply clues and potential insights into what type of man he is.

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