5 Gift Ideas for Your Wife This Christmas

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It’s almost that time of the year again where you have to get that special someone in your life a present which is both meaningful as well as amazing. We’ve created a list to help you save some time so that you can spend it on shopping instead of racking your brains for that perfect gift.

Spiritual gifts

If your wife is very spiritual, you can buy her something from your local religious bookstore. Giving her a spiritual gift will show that you want to grow with her in your spirituality and that you share a common goal in life.


If your wife enjoys reading then you have your gift in the bag. There’s nothing as exciting as receiving a book form your favourite author as a gift. Just investigate what she has read and what’s next in the line. If you’re not sure about the books she’s reading then you can buy a yearly subscription for her favourite magazine.


If your wife enjoys shopping, you should treat her with a gift card from her favourite mall. If you buy a gift card from a specific store, you run the risk of limiting her shopping experience to that one store. If you buy a mall gift card she’ll be able to walk around and enjoy the full experience of the hunt, she might even have some money left ton the card for a coffee.

Romantic destination

There’s nothing like a romantic getaway for you and your wife to show her how much you care. It doesn’t have to be an exotic location or a faraway trip. Just book a few nights for you and your wife somewhere secluded and enjoy each other’s company. It will be a great getaway and she will enjoy the sentiment.


If your wife enjoys accessories then the perfect gift for her will be a set of beautiful earrings or anything else that will fit her style. Look at the accessories she already owns and buy something similar to ensure that she will be happy with the gift.

Christmas is a time to show your love for that someone special in your life, but use it to remind yourself about the love you have for each other and what the day is truly about. Gifts shouldn’t be credited to the value of the gift but the symbolism behind it, enjoy your Christmas and have a safe one!

This is a guest post.  Ruan Smit enjoys nothing more than helping people with ideas for this Christmas, if you need christian gifts for your family then you should head to your nearest Christian bookstore.

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