5 Most Romantic Billboard Messages

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There are many ways to express your feelings, some more romantic than others. If you’re really confident, have some extra money and a great idea though, you can bring out the big guns and write your emotions on a billboard for everyone to see.

We’ve seen many billboards saying “I love you” or “I am sorry”, some of them even included marriage proposals, but the best ideas are more creative. Below you can find a list of the most awesome romantic billboard messages.

1. Will You Marry Me? Texas Style

This is a story of two loving hearts that decided to unite their lives. Tony Mancil wanted to surprise his girlfriend Mimi. He arranged a billboard saying “I love you Mimi. Will you marry me?” He then asked his girlfriend to come with him, switch off her phone and put on a blindfold so that she would not see his surprise. When she saw a billboard she could not believe it and … surprise, surprise! … said “yes”. Tony was so happy that he ordered to change the billboard to another one, saying: “She said yes! Mimi you have made me the luckiest man ever!”.

2. Happily Ever After

Some people were meant to be together. They prove that ‘happily ever after’ can actually happen in real life. Lewis Krantz has been married to his wife Sharon for 50 years. In order to celebrate their anniversary he ordered a billboard with their wedding picture saying ‘You’re still the one.’ They were driving by this billboard when a police officer pulled them over for speeding and gave Sharon a certificate “for marriage in excess of 49 years.” At this exact moment their friends showed up and Sharon received her three dozen of roses.

3. Angel and William

People love romance and gossip – this billboard extravaganza lasted for 9 weeks with changing messages and an intriguing plot.

Imagine seeing a billboard saying: “Angel in Red – Saw you at Garcia’s Irish Pub. Love to meet you. – William.” What would you think? We bet some of you would try remembering if they were wearing red at Garcia’s…

But there’s more! Next week the message changed to “Angel in Red – Still waiting. Garcia’s Pub. Friday? William.” By this time the whole city was talking about these billboard messages. Everyone was intrigued. Messages on the billboard were changing on a weekly basis. Eight weeks later the billboard said: “Dear William, I must be crazy. Garcia’s Friday 8:30. Angel.”

Friday night Garcia’s Pub was packed as everyone wanted to see Angel and William. Well, it turned out to be a smart marketing campaign of the pub. William and Angel were actors and not a real couple, but who knows what happened after all this?

4. Share The Love

Robbins Brothers is an engagement ring store that pursues a creative approach to marriage. Their Facebook campaign Share The Love allows couples to exchange their love messages on a virtual billboard. You need to submit your message (up to 75 characters) on the company’s Facebook page and wait until you receive a picture of the virtual billboard. Your message will also appear on a digital billboard for 8 seconds. The built-in camera will take a picture of it and email it to you. It is a perfect way to express your love and share it on Facebook.

5. Will You Marry Me? Stadium Style

Do you both love sports? Do you enjoy watching football together? If yes, then here is a perfect way for your proposal. You need to buy two tickets for your favorite game, and arrange your friends to help you. Of course you can arrange a big ‘will you marry me?’ message on the screen, but that is getting a bit old, plus this way you can get your (and her) friends involved – how could it get more romantic? Just prepare a poster with any message you like (make sure it’s the most romantic few words you’ve ever said) and ask your friends to unfold it at a certain time. And Voila! Your loved one can see it across the stadium! Just don’t forget that you still need to get on your knee and propose…

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