5 Online Dating Sites Parents Would Prefer For College Students

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dating in collegeNo parent would like to see their sons and daughters get caught in a wrong relationship.

They will do something to save them from heartaches even if that means doing what parents ordinarily never do — go online and search for the best dating sites they would prefer for their college kids.

They will make sure that it is safe for them, for they know that more and more college students today are engaged in dating. And there are online dating sites that have arisen to cater to these needs, especially with parents who are eager to see that ideal match being made.

Many students today have no time to look around and date someone on their campuses. But through online dating sites, student dating is now already available online. By these sites, one can just sit down, make a profile, and they can already date someone.

In order to help sort through all of them, we will give you the reviews on five dating sites that most parents recommend for college students. These sites have been chosen from thousands which are available today. They are safe and most of them have already received different awards which is why most parents recommend them.

1. Date My School Review
Date My School is the top online dating site that offers privacy controls and safety features for students and alumni only. It does not permit non students, other departments and individuals from accessing the profiles of members.

It has also won About.com’s 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Free Dating Site and Best College Dating Site.

The site offers various features for its verified students and alumni members. Members can send chat instantly, private message and post on an interactive message board where they comment and share statuses.

They can also search by schools or departments, save and block profiles, search and engage in a question and answer section where they can answers personal questions with other users.

It has premium features that include more search options, private browsing and saving. Other features like turning off instant messaging, viewing photos in their original size and changing usernames are also available.

2. Campus Hook Review
This popular dating site for university and college students prides itself on having members from all different social classes. Members can search for other members by school or by area codes. It combines the usual dating site profiles with more like that of Facebook.

3. University Love Connection Review
University Love Connection is one of the most exciting college online dating sites on the internet. Its membership is for free and you can search someone according to their college or university.

On the front page, you can see the number of members that it has. Its blogs highlight the current happenings and some college news.

One of its special features gives the students other website resources. Connections are available worldwide and members can send messages and view each other’s profiles.

One thing you can be sure is that, its members are students only who are currently taking college classes. You cannot register if you don’t have a .edu in your email address.

4. Ivy Date Review
Ivy Date focuses more on the alumni of some of the most prestigious schools in America. But everyone is welcome to join the site. All profiles pass through some committee inspection process.

Ivy Date is the closest thing to an online matchmaker that most people will ever know. If you’ve got an impressive pedigree or a high-powered job and an Ivy League degree, this is a good online dating site for you.

5. Student Cupid Review
Students Cupid was created for students in United Kingdom and has now about 60,000 members. Its initial membership is free and it has also the features and trappings of other online dating sites. It is very convenient and user friendly.

You don’t need to worry about meeting people who are too old either for it is restricted to student users only. The administrators made it sure that their members are university or college students. This is most recommended for students who are seeking friendship or someone to date.

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