5 Signs Your Relationship May Be Moving Too Fast

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Kiss your date if the night goes well. Don’t pull a fake emergency to bail out if it’s disastrous. Ask more questions than her. These are just a few of many guidelines that you might want to follow if you want your relationship to blossom.

But beware: there is such a thing as a relationship blossoming too quickly. In fact, it’s less blossoming, and more taking over like a noxious weed, throttling the life out of you. You don’t want that. Here are five signs that your relationship may be moving too fast.

She drags you to a dressmaker on the first date

It started innocently enough: you were talking about that story on the news where a bride was posing for a photo in a lake, but the current swept her away, and her dress, water-laden, dragged her down. She drowned. ‘Gee, I can imagine how beautiful standing at the shore would be in my wedding dress,’ she says. You nod.

‘I hope that doesn’t happen to me,’ she continues. You nod again.

‘Actually, I think I should get a light wedding dress made so I don’t drown on our wedding day…you don’t want me to die on our wedding day, do you?’

You sit upright. What?

‘Let’s go,’ she says, grabbing your wrist. ‘My appointment with the dressmaker is in two hours.’

He leaves his dirty socks in your room.

Seriously, guys, how do you even do this and not feel gross?

He looks up your family tree to see if there is a history of twins

Of course twins are cute. Matching outfits, sure, adorable, never mind the fact that they’ll be teased mercilessly at school. ‘I want twins,’ he declares. This is the third time that you’ve seen him.

‘If they’re girls, we’ll name them Melody and Harmony. Actually, even if they’re boys…please put out that cigarette, you’re harming the twins. Think about the twins!’

You argue in IKEA about what colour egg whisk you want

So you’ve looked for houses for sale in Craigieburn, and you’ve decided on your dream home. You head to Ikea together, and it’s great: you choose your dining table, your couch with matching cushions, your king size futon…and then you get to the kitchenwares section. You marvel at the electric blue silicone egg whisk. He replaces it with a stainless steel one.

Half an hour later, you are sitting side by side on the curb, handcuffed behind your backs. Egg whisks don’t just break yolks. They break hearts.

You open a joint bank account

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

This is a guest post.  Sarah Paige is a freelance writer who knows that if you’re already looking for houses for sale in Craigieburn together after 3 dates, then your relationship may be moving a little too fast. 

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