5 Things Men Shouldn’t Do On A First Date

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men first datesYou’ve planned out everything, from your wardrobe, dinner location, and where to go for a drink afterwards.

You even prepared a few witty stories that will surely entertain her throughout the night.

Unfortunately, not everything will turn out as planned.

There are times when you spend too much time thinking about what to get right on a first date that you forget to consider what could go wrong.

Here are five things you shouldn’t do on a first date to ensure that the girl of your dreams will have a wonderful time.

First-Date Don’ts

1. Talk About Your Ex-Girlfriend

This must be the first on your “shouldn’t do” list when you are out on a first date. If you start talking about your ex-girlfriend and how lovely she was, your current date will think that you are still in love.

If you start talking ill about your ex-girlfriend, your date will think you are a little harsh. Regardless of what you say about your previous love, it is rude and it is an indication that you have not yet moved on.

2. Constantly Talk About Your Mother

Someone might have told you that women prefer their men to be close their mother. Some women believe that they can determine how a man treats his girlfriend by the way he treats his mother.

While this may be true at some level, it is still not a good idea to constantly talk about your mother on your first date. If you usually start your conversation with, “My mother”, that can become a big turn off on a first date.

3. Pay For Dinner Out Of Obligation

As a tip, never pay for dinner and make it look like you’re obligated to do so. Never say, “I guess I should pay for you too” and then give her a look- that is definitely a huge turn off.

It is a fact that paying for dinner is a very tricky situation. For instance, if you offer to pay for the woman, you might give the impression that she needs a man to take care of her necessities; but if you offer to split the bill, she might think that you are financially unstable.

If you are facing this dilemma, here’s a tip you can use. While you and your date are going through the menu, casually tell her that dinner’s on you and she can order what she wants. This approach is smooth and casual, yet it allows you to avoid any awkward situation.

4. Drink Too Much

Although it is customary to get a drink after dinner, it is not a good idea to drink too much. In addition, don’t allow her to get drunk. In doing so, both of you can avoid doing anything stupid. In addition, you can avoid potential DUI charges when you drive her home.

With that said, after drinking a glass or two, suggest drinking water. Remember that you might turn off a woman if you offer more drinks to get her drunk.

5. Get Angry When She Refuses To Go Back To Your Place

Nothing screams potential rape charges than forcing a woman to go back to your place. You must give her the chance to decide for herself. Don’t assume that going back to your place is what she wants because of the hints you think she’s throwing at you.

This means that you should ask what she wants, and respect her decision if she does decide to go home instead. Don’t try to manipulate her by getting angry. Storming off and not even saying goodbye won’t make her want to have that second date with you.

In addition, forcing and manipulating her will only lead to regret the next day, and you might find yourself facing rape charges if you are not careful.

These are some of the things you shouldn’t do on a first date. These tips will not only help you have a good time on your date, it also helps you avoid possible legal problems in the future.

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