5 Tips For Looking Your Best During A Date

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dateWhile Valentine’s day may have passed already that doesn’t mean you won’t be going on dates anymore for another year, well hopefully that won’t be the case at least.

Whether you’ve really hit it off with someone recently or have been together for a long time, dating remains fun and you want to be looking your best during any date.

Looking great on a date will help your chances of getting a next date or show your longtime partner that you still believe he or she is worth looking great for.

If you don’t have that much experience with making yourself look great, we’ve got you covered.

Take a Shower or Bath

You probably could’ve figured this one out on your own, but if you weren’t 100% sure if you’d wash yourself before a date, you are now. Take a nice long shower, using some great smelling soap to wash yourself thoroughly and put on your favorite deodorant and matching perfume or cologne afterwards. Don’t overdo it, you don’t want to smell like you pored the bottle over your head.

Know What You Will Wear

Plan what you will wear beforehand. If you’re a guy, you will want to get some advice from fashionable friends or girlfriends if you don’t know much about dressing well. The number one advice we can give is to avoid wearing ill-fitting clothes. Any clothing that’s way too large or too small is a definite no-go. As a man you should keep it classic. Wear a shirt, some nice jeans or chinos and nice, clean shoes, preferably leather ones.

Girls usually can’t go wrong with wearing either a nice dress or a skirt and blouse. If you’re not much into fashion, ask you friends for advice. Same goes as for guys, ill-fitting clothes are never attractive.

Don’t wear clothes that you’ve been wearing all week, but wear some freshly washed ones and check that there are no stains in your clothing.


Make sure your hair doesn’t look like you just got out of bed. While for some people that can be a great look, for most it isn’t. Take a few seconds to fix your hair, or if you’re a woman perhaps a bit longer, though there’s no need to spend hours doing your hair.

If your hair looks good naturally then definitely don’t do anything too crazy with it. Get rid of any unwanted hair on your body, for example in between your eyebrows, put some lotion on your face and for girls, put on a bit of makeup, but not too much.

Brush and Floss

Brush and floss thoroughly. Smiling will make you look more attractive so practice your smile before you go out just to check there’s nothing stuck in between your teeth. Bits of food in between your teeth are not attractive.

Pay Attention to Your Nails

Make sure that your nails are cut and that you don’t have any dirt under them. If you’re a girl you may want to put on some nail polish, even just clear nail polish if you don’t like colored nails.

Most important of all, relax and be yourself and you should be fine.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at theĀ Kansas City Skin and Vein Center. Zane is glad he doesn’t have to worry about going on dates with new people anymore.


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