5 Ways To Tell You’re Falling In Love

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After you’ve been dating someone for a while and things begin to turn serious, you might begin to wonder how to tell if you are falling in love. The signs that you’re falling head over heels in love with your partner aren’t always obvious, and can often surprise you!

Here are five ways to tell that you’ve found the love of your life.

You have been through difficult times together. A great indication that you’ve found love is when you experience rough life patches together as a couple, and instead of tearing you apart it actually strengthens you’re relationship. From the big to the small, being able to lean on one another during difficult times shows that you trust each other and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. When you allow someone to genuinely be there for you, you are shutting down your walls and letting true love in.

You have similar life goals. When you’re casually dating someone, it really doesn’t matter if your goals and hopes for the future are aligned, but when you’re in love it’s a different story. Being in love means that you see your future with the other person in it. While you definitely don’t need to agree with everything, it’s crucial to have a baseline of commonality while starting a serious relationship.

You have a blast together. Love is more than butterflies and romance. Sometimes it’s laughing hysterically at inside jokes, singing aloud in the car together on a road trip or simply cuddling on the couch watching a movie. Life isn’t always glamorous or straight out of a romantic comedy. Many times, it’s the small seemingly insignificant things that matter the most.

You want to make the other person happy. When you genuinely love someone, their happiness becomes paramount to you. You will do anything to make them happy, and you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to show them how much you care.

Maybe that means you bring them soup and medicine when they’re ill, or always let them have the last diet coke in the fridge simply because you know it’s their favorite. The person you’re in a relationship with becomes so important to you that you often times put their needs and wants before your own.

You aren’t tempted by anyone else. When you’re dating a few different people, it might be difficult to commit to just one! You’re having too much fun! But when you realize that you love someone, you no longer want to date around. Suddenly the thing that sounds like the most fun is being with one person and one person only. You’re in love and you have no interest in anyone else!

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