7 Foods to Avoid When Cooking for Your Date

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What’s that saying? The way to a man’s heart is through his…throat? No that’s not right. In any case, cooking for your date is a great way to save some money and show your domestic prowess whether you’re a man or a woman but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ground rules! First date or engagement dinner, it’s all the same – avoid these foods like the plague if you’re looking to get lucky. Lucky in love, of course.

7. Fish: The reality is, a lot of people don’t like fish and some are even allergic to seafood or shellfish. If you don’t know your date’s preferences steer clear of this iffy ingredient.
Alternatives: Try chicken or cook several meats so your date has a choice.

6. Indian: Really, anything too exotic is just asking for trouble. Not only do foods like Thai, Indian or Mexican tend to have more smelly ingredients than your typical farmer’s market you’re testing the waters of personal taste here, too.
Alternatives: If you’re dying to be bold choose an unusual meat or prepare a flavorful sauce…on the side.

5. Soufflé: If you’re not the kind of person who handles stress well (and really, what’s more stressful than a date?) don’t test your culinary skills on a night so much is riding on the food. Make something you can prepare with your eyes closed and whatever you do don’t choose a dish that takes hours to prepare…while your date’s waiting.
Alternatives: Make-ahead options like lasagna or brownies work well for planner types.

4. Five-Spice Chicken: Preparing anything even borderline spicy is taking a big risk. Everyone’s pallet is different when it comes to how much heat they can tolerate…now’s not the time to see how far up the Scoville scale your date’s willing to go.
Alternatives: Present sriracha or red pepper flakes so you can both choose your own spiciness.

3. Casseroles: Casseroles just aren’t sexy. Not even a little bit.
Alternatives: Seriously, anything but a casserole is fine. If your grandma eats it, go in another direction.

2. Vegan: Here’s the rub. Even if you have some unusual style of eating, say, you don’t like carbs or meat or, we don’t know, yellow foods, a date isn’t the time to push your foodie agenda. It’s fine to stick to your principles but make the most broadly-appealing dish you can think of and perhaps choose something where you can each assemble your dish separately.
Alternatives: Tacos, salads and pizzas can be customized to taste and cooking together is an aphrodisiac!

1. Garlic: It should go without saying but anything that’s going to leave you or your date with dragon breath is a NO GO. Garlic, tuna, red onions…if people at the office would yell at you for heating it up in the microwave, don’t make it.
Alternatives: Salt’s got a lot of flavor and so do vinegars, soy sauce and tomato sauce.

Making a meal for your date is a wonderful gesture. It shows your causal side and gives you both a glimpse into what life together will be like when you stay in on Friday nights. With some careful planning and the right menu you may just win your way into your date’s heart through their…pancreas? No, that’s not right either…

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