7 Sleep Habits That Turn Your Partner Off

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As much as you love the person laying next to you at the end of every night, they might exhibit a few turnoffs you could ultimately live without. Nobody is perfect, eloquently displayed on a nightly basis by the thunderous open-mouth snoring of your partner that draws you awake. Don’t point the finger too quickly, you might be guilty of many similar turnoffs without even knowing it. Keep an open dialogue with your partner, leave your ego at the door for the sake of restful sleep. If any of the following turnoffs are causing you to clench your pillow throughout the night, speak up!

Bringing pets to bed

Did you know your four-legged roommates drag in a lot of allergens and dirt? For some, it might go without saying to leave Buddy out of the bedroom, yet people do some crazy things for puppy love. It’s significantly less cute having your cat traipse over your head when Monday morning is steadfast approaching. It’s also probably safe to assume your dog or cat isn’t working the 9 – 5 grind, so make your human roommates priority one.

  • Pets have drastically different sleep schedules than humans.
  • Dogs & cats introduce unwelcome allergens into the bedroom.
  • Limit naps outside of the bedroom.

Eating and drinking in bed
There’s a good reason the dining room table was invented. For those unwilling to subscribe to timeless tradition, there’s always the alternative of consuming a full course meal from the comfort of bed. While it’s simply sublime to be king or queen for a day, it often comes at the expense of your partner’s sanity. The occasional breakfast in bed is nice, but keep your midnight snack in the kitchen.

  • Eating in bed is unsanitary – no one wants to sleep in crumbs.
  • Leaving drinks on the nightstand breeds hazardous mold.
  • Consuming anything in bed is highly disruptive.

General lack of hygiene
We allow ourselves to get pretty comfortable in the bedroom, often foregoing the most basic principles of hygiene in the process. Before you completely surrender to bed, cover your bases. A little cleanliness goes a long way. If you want to geekify your bedroom, clearly this isn’t the way.

  • Always shower before bed if you exercised during the day.
  • Brush your teeth and double up with mouthwash to avoid bad breath. Remove all makeup before going to sleep.
  • Never clip your toenails in or around your bed.

Using child sheets on an adult bed
So you’ve gone all out to make your bedroom healthy, natural latex mattress and all, but you could be forgetting that grade school is over, it’s time to upgrade the sheets on your bed accordingly. However quirky your Batman comforter may be, it’s still a major turnoff for many potential partners. No one wants to feel like a child in the most intimate of places. Even if your partner fully embraces your nerdy obsessions, you’ll both prefer the premium simplified comfort afforded to you by more adult setups. Retire the sheets and settle for a Batman poster squarely above your headboard, your partner is sure to love it. Maybe.

  • Bedding for children is generally of inferior quality and less comfortable.
  • Busy sheet designs can create a needless distraction in bed.
  • Simplify your bed as much as possible, only use what’s needed.

Television in bed
If your bedroom doubles as your personal movie theatre it’s time to simplify. Televisions have become increasingly more prevalent in bedrooms, rendering some partners practically invisible while SportsCenter recounts the top plays of the day. The only thing you should associate with your bedroom is sleep, eliminate all distractions. Use the time to decompress from a long day with your partner in place of catching up on your favorite show, it can wait. The glare of a television set is highly disruptive.

The bulk of what you view stimulates your mind, not what you need before bed. It’s difficult to stop yourself from online browsing at a reasonable time.

Going to bed in a bad mood
Want to know the secret to a happy marriage? Never go to sleep angry at your partner. Somewhat of an unrequited turnoff, nestling into bed between a seething grudge can create serious dysfunction between yourself and your partner for days. Iron out the differences before getting into bed, at least to a point where things can easily be managed in the morning. Every couple fights, not every couple can resolve their issues. Take the needs of your partner into consideration, otherwise you’ll be getting acquainted with the couch pretty quickly.

Being selfish
Selfishness extends a bit beyond the perpetual battle for who holds monopoly over the blankets. Your sleeping preferences certainly impact the needs of your partner, be willing to sacrifice. Do you love cranking the AC before bed and sleeping in an icebox? You might be making matters more difficult for your partner every night as a consequence. Compromise on the conditions of your room, including whatever available light there is from clocks and computers. Remember: the key is to simplify your environment.

Turning off the turn offs
It’s easy to get set in your ways. Many people exhibit bad bedroom behavior for no other reason than being too comfortable. Take a step outside your normal practice and see where you can eliminate possible turn offs for your partner. Taking the time to assess your own bad habits is a wonderful display of appreciation for your partner, one sure not to go unnoticed. You’ll quickly find that shaking a few simple turn offs is easier than you once believed, it just takes conditioning.

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