7 Things to Avoid the Week Before Your Wedding

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wedding_disasterYou spend months planning your dream day. Every tiny detail, right down to the exact positioning of the centrepieces has to be perfect. You plan the venue, the cake, the dress. And of course, you plan how you want to look.

It’s your special day, all eyes will be on you, and naturally you want to look your very best. But with only a week to go until you say ‘I do’, is there anything you need to steer clear of? Here we look at 7 things to 7 days before your wedding?

1. Hair Cut and Colour

It can be tempting to go for a complete transformation before your wedding. But as anyone who has had a hair cut or colour disaster will tell you – don’t do it. Do you really want to cut your long locks into a quirky pixie cut with 7 days to go, only to find you look more Daniel Radcliffe than Emma Watson?

The same goes for a drastic – or even subtle – colour change. Even if you stick to your usual hair dresser, anything can happen. Colour may not take, it may go patchy or brassy, or it might not suit you at all. There is no guarantee how it will turn out, so give yourself a few weeks at least. Remember, you still want to look like you when you walk down the aisle.

2. Facial Peels

Any ‘Sex and the City’ fan will remember Samantha Jones’s chemical peel disaster. With 7 days before your wedding chemical peels and facial microdermabrasions are a complete no go. Sure, they give you smooth, glowing skin. But first you’ll end up with redness, blotchiness, or peeling skin. Not a good look for a blushing bride, right?

Instead, book your appointment for a minimum of 2 weeks before your wedding. This will give your skin a chance to recover, while will still retaining the gorgeous after glow. Wearing makeup will only irritate the new skin so you need to give it a chance to heal.

3. Spray Tans

Most girls feel better when they have a tan, which is why so many rush to the tanning booths a few days before their big day. But if you’re looking for that ‘just stepped off the plan’ glow, you might want to think again.

Spray tans are a great, sun-free alternative, but can prove disastrous. Unlike cream based tans, the colour is not matched to your natural skin tone, and may leave you with a tangerine tinge. Instead, get a professional to apply a lotion tan that will suit your colouring. This will help keep your tan even, long lasting, and completely natural.

4. New Fitness Regimes

We’re all guilty of the last minute gym rush before a holiday. But doing this with a week before walking down the aisle is a bad idea. Pulled muscles can take a few weeks to heal, so make sure you stick to the routine you’ve been doing. You want to be able to dance the night away without worrying about your aches and pains.

With a week to go, the effects won’t even be obvious. You need a regular, long term routine so if you’re looking to lose a few pounds you should start getting fit right away. If you just want a way to de-stress and unwind, a gentle jog is a great idea.

5. Excess Alcohol

There’s a reason brides buck the trend of having a hen night the day before their wedding. Bags under your eyes, hollowed looking skin and greasy hair – hangovers don’t look good on anyone. Drinking too much alcohol in the run up to your wedding should be avoided. It dries out your skin and hair, makes you feel bloated, and has a huge amount of calories.

Instead stick to water and fruit juice. Too much caffeine and carbonated drinks can also make you feel less than desirable in your wedding dress. Drinking water will flush out your system, and give you that bridal glow. Save your cocktails for the reception.

6. Spicy Foods

Even if you’re a regular at your local curry house, you should avoid spicy foods before tying the knot. Sure, it can taste great; but it can play havoc with your digestion. It warms up your body causing excess sweating – not a good look on your wedding photos! Spicy foods can also give you an upset stomach, heartburn and bad breath.

Instead make sure you stick to a balanced, healthy diet. Eat lots of fruit and veg and don’t skip meals. You’ll need all the energy you can get. Don’t think that skipping meals will make you look better in your dress. Eating well will make you glow in the days before the wedding.

7. All Nighters

Wedding planning is a stressful time. But staying up all night to finalise every little detail isn’t the best idea. With a week to go before your wedding, do you really want bags under your eyes? No amount of makeup can hide an exhausted bride.

Make sure you get your eight hours a night if possible. Switch all your computers and technology off an hour before bed, and just relax with your partner. Avoid caffeine and eating too late. Not only will you have a clear head to continue planning, you’ll feel better in yourself too.

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