7 Things to Look For in a Good Divorce Lawyer

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7 Things to Look For in a Good Divorce Lawyer

When divorce happens, there is no guarantee how it will unfold. Some divorces end up being amicable and easily resolved while others can be contentious and drawn out. It starts with finding a good attorney. A good attorney can make a difference in how well the divorce is handled. Any person looking for a good divorce lawyer should consider the following items below.

A good way to measure the effectiveness of the divorce lawyer is whether or not there is timely communication exchanged between both parties in the initial stages. Timely communication is an important indicator because it effects how much a party will pay if the rates are charged on an hourly basis or as a flat fee.

The fees should be clear cut and easily understood. While it is difficult to secure an accurate estimate before the case begins, but the attorney should be able to compare the case presented before them to similar cases and past experiences.

If the divorce is going to be amicable, a collaborative divorce may be a possibility. Couples in this situation will be able to pursue an attorney with a strong background in mediation. Contentious divorces should be handled by those who have considerable courtroom experience.

One should feel comfortable with the answers the attorney provided to questions asked. The person should walk away from the consultation confident with the attorney’s ability to handle the case in a satisfactory way.

Having a rapport with the attorney will make it easy to discuss private and sensitive matters openly. When there is a rapport in place, it is easier for the client and the attorney to work together during the difficult parts of the divorce.

Testimonials, online reviews and referrals from friends are all good to have when considering a good divorce attorney. A referral from a colleague or friend speaks to the experience the person had with the attorney. One could follow up by asking the referrer if the person would use the attorney again.

In the consultation, there will be an action plan. If comfortable with the action plan and the lawyer’s approach, the person should be ready to proceed with the case. In the event that the person is uncomfortable with the action plan, additional consultations may be needed.

These are the types of things that should be kept in mind when looking for a good divorce attorney. Following these recommendations will improve the chances of having the marriage dissolved in a timely manner.

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