7 Tips on Making the Perfect Wedding Proposal Speech

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Let’s face it guys, planning the big helicopter smoke message “Will you marry me?” is easy compared to actually spilling out your emotions and letting yourself become vulnerable.  So what are some ideas on how to make a perfect wedding speech that don’t involve crying, stuttering or going “Uh…” for moments on end?  Here are five tips that will help you to relax and let sincerity rise to the top.

1.    Practice the speech in advance.

While a proposal is supposed to be somewhat spontaneous, you may be surprised at how easily it all leaves you once you’re in the moment.  So what you might try is practicing in the mirror.  Don’t just focus on your chosen words but also focus on clear enunciation and confident delivery.

If it helps, write down the words first and then memorize and practice them before delivering the speech to a mirror.  Some guys will tell you to literally practice the speech 100 times because you’re going to need to memorize the thoughts just in case your mind goes blank.

2.    Speak from your heart.

Don’t write or speak anything that doesn’t feel sincere or that isn’t “you.”  You don’t want to compromise who you are by saying something you don’t mean.  (She won’t buy it either!)  So speak from your heart.  Get rid of clichés you’ve heard from movies, and don’t make any promises that you’re not intent on keeping.  Instead, focus on admitting things that you know in your heart are true.

3.    Memorize a list of reasons why you love your girlfriend.

She’s not going to be content with just one!  You know the adage… “Let me count the ways!”  That is precisely what you should do in a proposal, where every second is like an hour.  Keep things going and going.  Make a list of the reasons why you love her and why you want her to be your wife.  There is no item too large or too small to include.

I know of a friend who made location an important part of his proposal theme.  They both lived in Fort Worth, Texas, so he decided to propose in the Stockyards District and arranged to ride a horse to meet his future missus and then take her on a special horseback ride to celebrate her acceptance.

4.    Keep things short.

Unless you’re a poet or a politician, try to avoid being overly ambitious.  Quoting Shakespeare and inventing flowery poetry on the spot is difficult.  If this is not well-rehearsed, you could easily stumble over your own words.  Besides, most women don’t want to hear rehearsed poetry…they want short and sweet.  They want it to feel like you!

5.    Avoid the spectacle.

I don’t want to discourage spectacle if that’s the type of guy you are (and your girl loves you for it).  I will, however, discourage guys who are already fretting this day from “trying too hard.”  Drop the whole idea of public proposals.  Don’t do it over the radio.  This is not really spectacle anyway—it’s almost a form of cowardice.  What your woman really wants is a private moment between the two of you and a proposal that is tailor made for her.

6.    Be confident.

You’ve been all masculine and confident up until now.  So whatever you do, don’t drop the ball!  Continue projecting confidence and avoid any glimmer of doubt, timidity or hesitance.  You must be able to look her in the eyes and tell her how you feel, no apologies, no fear.

7.    Talk about how she has changed your life for the better.

We as love advisers will often advise a girl to stop trying to “change” a man.  Now that said, women DO love it when we reveal to them how much they have improved our lives.  I know when I proposed to my wife, I went into great detail about how she made me a better person.

I told her that my friends and family have commented about how I have changed.  How I’m happier now.  How I now take the time to taste, to listen, to feel and not just think “ahead.”  How I no longer brood.  How she cured the cynicism that I once felt.  Needless to say, it went over very well!  And it only worked because I meant every word of it.

Remember above else:

  • Make the proposal about her, or how she has affected you.  Avoid creating proposals based solely on your own likes and dislikes.
  • Tease her just a little bit, since she’s probably expecting a proposal by now.  Women love to be caught by surprise!
  • Don’t just steal someone else’s idea off the Internet.  Proposals are so much more effective when they are spoken from your own heart.  Avoid clichés like dumping the ring into a champagne glass or proposing on a Jumbotron screen.  Generic proposals are the opposite of what she wants, guaranteed!

Put your soul into it and make sure your perfect wedding proposal speech is one of the ages!

This is a guest post.  Mark Harris is a thirty-something writer with a wonderful and beautiful wife, living the dream in White Rock, British Columbia.  He is also a kayaker and hiker and enjoys beach dwelling on the west coast of Canada.  He works from home as a freelance writer.  You can find him on browsing sites like www.LoveDiamonds.net in his free time while using the free WiFi at the local coffee.

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