A Couple’s Retreat

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couples retreatMen and women often have very different ideas on what they want out of a vacation.

Women sometimes just want to relax and unwind, while the men wish to surf and find “buddies.”

So when you are planning a vacation together, it can be difficult to find something that both of you can enjoy.

A few locations know and understand this, so they are prepared to offer you a way to enjoy a vacation with your significant other. There are many resorts in Costa Rica, but the Anamaya Resort is one of the few that offers something for both parties.

Anamaya is a Costa Rican resort that combines both a surf camp retreat, they offer many activities to tantalize those who want to be active on vacation, as well as those that just want to chill out.

In addition to teaching people how to surf, they also have a scuba school, ziplining and sailing. If that isn’t enough to tempt the adventure seeker, also on offer are kayaking and horseback riding tours. These are great adventures where one can experience nature in all its glory.

However, sometimes, when your significant other wants to have non-stop activities planned, all you want to do is de-stress and unwind. This is easy to do at Anamaya.

Compromises are made daily. While your significant other is learning how to surf or scuba, you can learn new poses through Pilates. There are also lessons for Spanish to use while you are vacationing in Costa Rica.

Finally, if you are still looking for a way to unwind, Anamaya offer massages. They have three different packages to choose from, so you are guaranteed to relax.

Of course, if the two of you would like to do something together, there is always time for that. In the evenings, couples can spend quality time together enjoying festivities such as fire dancing and circus skills. Or you can explore the breathtaking surroundings such as the stunning Montezuma waterfall or enchanting rain forest.

After a couple of days at a combined resort, it will be easy to forget that this vacation was, in fact, a compromise at all! You may well be tempted to check out and have a go at each other’s chosen activities, and what a fantastic way to find new interests and enjoy each other’s hobbies.

Anamaya is also one of many retreats that are all inclusive. While you still want to bring cash for extra meals or tips, you do not have to stress about taking your wallet to the meal, or who will pay the bill.

This is just another way that a combined relaxation and activity retreat takes the squabbling away for couples and allow them to reconnect. Decisions do not need to be made immediately, everyone can find something they enjoy, and remembering why you enjoy your loved one’s company can commence.

While compromises in the house happen daily, and some are more difficult to reach than others, compromises should be enjoyable on vacations. They should never leave one partner resentful, while the other enjoys themselves.

When booking a vacation at a combined resort, one partner can enjoy a sporty holiday with action packed activities and the other partner can unwind through stress free relaxation.

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