Bathroom Etiquette For Couples

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So you’ve moved in with your beau or your belle and it has quickly become apparent that you have very different ideas of what is and is not ok when it comes to bathroom behaviour? Join the club.

It seems that everyone’s idea of bathroom decorum is different, especially when it comes to sharing a bathroom with a partner. Some people are comfortable with everything while others prefer to preserve their mystique by keeping their bathroom rituals private. Here are some ideas for bathroom etiquette you can agree on.

A Closed Door Policy

The door should be kept closed whenever one of you is using the toilet. Whatever about showering, brushing teeth and doing your hair, most people just won’t want to see their sweetheart sitting on the loo, doing their business. You may be of a more open attitude when it comes to this kind of thing, but it’s best not to assume.

Always Knock

Never just walk into the bathroom. If the door is closed, knock. People close doors for a reason and nobody appreciates their privacy being violated without warning. They may just be brushing their teeth, but it’s respectful to knock to make sure they don’t mind you entering.

Fragrant Rather Than Pungent

Have a can of air freshener close at hand in the bathroom. Your significant other may tell you they love everything about you, but that doesn’t mean they appreciate the smell you leave in the bathroom. A quick spray of air freshener or cracking the window open will mask or dissipate any unpleasant odours.

Replacing Loo Roll

If you use the end of the toilet roll, tell your partner you’ve run out and go get more a.s.a.p! There’s nothing worse than turning to get some toilet roll only to find the grey skeleton of the last roll bearing only the tiniest scraps of toilet tissue. This is plain annoying and you’re not going to endear yourself to anyone by neglecting to restock on loo roll when necessary.

Rinsing Away Hair

Whenever you shower or talk a bath, rinse the tub or the shower tray after you get out and make sure the soap is nice and hair-free. This is true of shaving, too; men should always rinse out the sink after shaving. It only takes a second to wash all that stubble down the drain.

Living with someone is a true test of a relationship and many a relationship has broken down because of irreconcilable differences discovered after people moved in together. Don’t let differences in your ideas of bathroom etiquette break up your relationship. Talk about it, agree on some guidelines, like the above, and stick to them.

This is a guest post.  This article was written by Cassandra Powell who works with a company specialising in showers Ireland.

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