Before the Wedding: Tips for Saving on Travel and Accommodation

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wedding_-_adamjonfullerWeddings can already be one of the more expensive events of a person’s life, and destination weddings have the potential to really ramp up the costs.

From the cost of getting guests to the wedding, to the cost of planning the perfect honeymoon, a wedding can put the whole family into quite a bit of debt.

If you’re planning a wedding, here are just a few ways to cut those costs and save money for the things that really matter.

Booking Ahead
First of all, be sure to book well ahead of the event or honeymoon, especially if a wedding date has been decided on early. Hotels and transport providers often offer discounts for early booking, which can end up saving quite a bit of money in the long run – money that could go to other expenses such as the flowers or the favours.

This comes as no surprise to the well-researched bride, but there are certain times of year that are particularly popular for weddings, namely late Spring and June. Therefore, going with a wedding date on the “off-season” can cut costs for accommodation drastically, especially since honeymoon providers will be looking to offload packages during this time.

However, if planning a wedding for a quieter season, be sure to make sure the wedding takes the local seasonal weather in mind. For instance, a destination winter wedding will need a transport and accommodation plan for if the venue ends up being snowed in.

Stay Flexible
Though saving time might be tempting, be flexible with transport if you’re aiming to save money during the planning process. If you aren’t honeymooning on the other side of the world, you might be able to save by opting for the train instead of a flight, or visa versa. As with any large investment, compare the costs of all the modes of travel you would be willing to take, and check for off-peak times of day too.

Also, for stopovers or traveling on the road, try to go for cheap hotels to offset the cost of the final destination. One big mistake many honeymooners make is in aiming for luxury options on every step of the journey. A better use of a budget is generally to pick a few experiences to spend the cash on rather than the whole trip.

If you’re due to be married, remember that planning beforehand and shopping around can leave more money in the budget to spend on the big day. Travel and accommodation, while a traditionally a big cost, is one of the prime places to save.

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