Can’t Take “No” For An Answer?-Five Signs That You Might Be A Stalker

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stalkerYou say it’s a simple infatuation, they say it’s stalking. The truth is that persistence is an admirable quality in a person.

One that can help a person in achieving his goals and ambitions; however, there is a fine line between being persistent and being a stalker.

Anyone- even you, can easily cross this line, especially with the overwhelming media with which you can use to stalk your targets. This article will discuss what stalking is and list down the common stalking behaviors.

I Keep Sending Her Emails, Am I Stalking?

One might think that a person will know if he has crossed the line, but you will be surprised as to how many people have no idea that their behaviors constitute stalking. To help you figure out whether your behavior constitutes stalking, you first need to understand what stalking is.

Stalking refers to the repeated harassing behavior of a person. It is also the unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly invokes fear in the other.

Among the common stalking behaviors include making harassing phone calls, emailing, giving excessive gifts, leaving threatening or harassing messages, vandalizing a person’s property, and so on. Some of the activities mentioned are not crimes in and of themselves; however, if it creates fear in another individual, it can become a criminal offense.

The actual legal definition of stalking may vary from one state to another. In addition, if a person is convicted for such offense, the penalties may also vary between states; but generally, the penalties may include paying huge fines between a thousand dollars to ten thousand, and a one year to 15 years prison sentence.

However, before the person can be convicted for such rime, there must be some evidence of violent assault and battery to prove accusations. Thankfully, the victims can get a restraining order against the stalker.

Red Flags That You Are A Stalker

  • You keep calling someone using a different number. You may have to resort to using different phone numbers when calling someone because you know that if she sees your number, she won’t answer. This is a number one sign that you are crossing the boundaries. The mere fact that she won’t answer any of your calls should give a clear sign that she doesn’t want to talk to you. With that said, you should be able to let it go and leave her alone.
  • You follow her to places she loves to hang out. If you usually find yourself going to places that your target mentions in her Facebook or Twitter account, and you follow her around without making your presence known, that behavior definitely constitutes stalking.
  • You remember little details that she doesn’t. This doesn’t mean that you have a very good memory. It means that you are paying too much attention to your target, such as following them around, always checking their Facebook profile, and waiting for Tweeter updates from her account.
  • Finding lame excuses just to be in the same place as her. For example, you knew she’s going to the grocery store at that particular time, and you just have to make some excuse to be at the same store at the same time just to see her. You don’t even have to talk to her; you just want to follow her around. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, then you have stalking problems.
  • Leaving inappropriate gifts. You might have started sending her flowers to let her know of your intentions, but she didn’t return your affection. You then started sending her other inappropriate gifts, making sure that she receives it when a lot of people are watching. You might even call her and make sure that she received it. Sending inappropriate gifts is also a form of stalking.

If you have been doing any of the activities listed above, you need to seek help and stop your behavior before it escalates. If your target decides to report your activities to the authorities, you might be facing potential criminal charges wherein you will need the services of a criminal defense attorney.

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