Choosing A Honeymoon Destination

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Happy Couple On Honeymoon

You’ve saved, wooed the in-laws, dieted, stressed, cut the cake and sealed the deal… Now it’s time to embark on married life, commencing with a blissful break for both husband and wife. But where on Earth to choose?

And how on Earth to go about making the decision and making your honeymoon affordable? Amongst preparing for the details of going abroad from insurance and securing time off to travel money and luggage, it’s important to make this trip stand out above all the others.

It’s also important that your determination to make this the vacation to end all vacations, doesn’t detract from your ultimate goal – to thoroughly enjoy your first shared experience as man and wife.

United you stand

The key to blissful wedded life is clear communication – and a fair bit of compromise never hurts, either. When you’re on the hunt for a location, ensure you’re on the same page as your partner.

If one of you is an all-action character and the other is expecting nothing more active than stretching out to pick up a cocktail, you need to reach a mutually agreeable decision. If you can’t meet in the middle, think of something else entirely that would suit you both, perhaps a cultural city break.

If you’re forced, or force your partner – into something objectionable, resentment will quickly build on both sides. What better opportunity to start as a married couple, to learn how to use the invaluable tools of compromise and communication.

Establish the essentials and then elaborate

Collaborate with your other half on a super-brainstorm of your needs, wants and luxuries. Discuss what could potentially make or break the honeymoon, and ensure your proposed destination at least ticks all the boxes in the ‘need’ category.

If it also caters to most of the desirable ‘wants’ and can fulfil a few of your more outlandish demands, you’ve found a winner. If the exchange rate is favourable, there’s room for more holiday splurging when you arrive.

If the luxuries are as much necessities as the necessities themselves, have a look at all-inclusive packages or dedicated honeymoon resorts, and countries looking to attract tourism.

Choosing a destination where the cost of living is low, means even top-range hostelries and restaurants are within reach of a modest budget. Simply being vocal about your newlywed status can pay excellent dividends in the form of upgrades, freebies and extras.

Do your research

There’s a wealth of free information at your fingertips on the internet, social media platforms, and via Smartphone apps. Accredited, well-established sources provide solid specifics, but don’t be shy of taking to Twitter and canvassing opinions on everything from attractions to activities.

Social media sites also provide an excellent way of connecting with locals in the area you’re looking at, ask for honest insider tips and local secrets. With enough research you’ll be able to whittle down your choices and your costs with a bit of savvy.

Seek out and the multitude of trawler websites devoted to getting you the best deal for flights and accommodation.

Friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances will all have opinions and experiences to share, too – heed all these, but the decision ultimately must be your own.

A few hours spent at the library with a stack of Lonely Planet guides or a Sunday morning browsing travel supplements will both inform and inspire. Be sure to check the information is current and will apply when you visit, you don’t want to turn up expecting blue skies and sunshine a week into the rainy season!

Keep it comfortable

Although you might have always fancied doing something totally off-the-wall, far removed from anything you’ve done before, carefully consider whether your honeymoon is the time to push the boundaries.

If you’re both completely sold, give it a go, but just be mindful that this is the time for celebrating your unity not providing opportunities to challenge it. You’ve got the rest of your lives to trek the Amazon together should you so want – but if you don’t end up enjoying the experience those precious memories will be irrevocably tarnished.

The last thing a new partnership needs is financial stress. Be sure to choose a honeymoon that you can comfortably afford. Arguments over money are the number one relationship killer and you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot or in debt.

So whether you’re die-hard romantics or practical souls, your chosen destination needs to be ripe for romance, whatever that means for you and attainable. provides a top ten list of ideal honeymoon destinations after surveying their readers in 2012, listing Rome, New York, Cancun and Algarve in the top five.

Honeymooning should be pleasurable, comfortable and conducive to harmonious contentment. So don’t force yourselves too far out of your comfort zone with your choice of destination or your budget limitations, married life will provide enough challenges of its own.

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