Where does your love stand this Valentine’s day?

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Where does your love stand this Valentine’s day? Tales of princesses being rescued by knights in shining armors, dragons and monsters being slain for love, potions full of passion, all of this is the stuff of what our most romantic fantasies are made of.

Everyone wants to end up with the princess/knight of their dreams but in modern day tales of love, the twists are of a different sort, instead of quests- – they are more like a game of Chutes and Ladders!

The dragons are chutes waiting sneakily around corners to trap you and bring your love down and just like the potions in your fantasy, there are ladders which will help you mount the challenging problems and reach your destination. Play the game and understand how your relationship is no less than any adventure, one where you and your sweetheart are vying to make it out of the story with a glamorous happy ending!

This infographic “Chutes and Ladders of Love” is provided by mobistealth, a firm which produced keyloggers.


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