Date Ideas for Couples with Kids

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dating-with-kidsIt is important for married couples to get out there and have fun sometimes. This helps reduce the daily burdens of life, work and raising children, and it helps ensure that the marriage remains strong.

In some situations, it may be possible to ditch the kids and have a romantic night out for two, but in other cases, the kids may have to come along. In order to make the most of your life, you have to be creative. There are hundreds of things you and your spouse can do that will qualify as a date- you just have to think outside of the box. Here are some date ideas for married couples with kids.

Ditch the Kids and Go Romantic

In some cases, you may be able to pawn the kids off on someone else so that you and your spouse can have some time alone. This could mean dropping the kids off at grandma and granddad’s for a while, setting them with a babysitter or enrolling them in a community center’s children’s activity program.

While it would be nice for you and your spouse to have the entire night off, this amount of time is not necessary for a romantic date. Make the most of the time you have, whether it is short or long. Go romantic. Romance is one of the hardest things to keep alive in a marriage, so fit it in when you can!

Take the Kids on a Picnic

Sometimes you can’t get rid of the kids, so you will have to take them with you on your date. Try going on a picnic. The kids can go off and play while you and your spouse can relax and enjoy an outdoor meal. Picnics can be romantic too! Today’s fancy picnic baskets allow you to bring along everything needed for a romantic meal.

This can include fine china, fancy meals and even champagne! Picnics don’t have to be fancy either. Sandwiches and beer in the park can be just as fun and relaxing. Do whatever will ensure that you, your spouse and the kids will have a fun, relaxing time. Bring some lawn-style games so the kids will have something to do besides hanging out with you and your spouse.

See a Movie

This may not sound much like a date, but with some simple planning, it could be. Even if you have to bring the kids along, a movie can still be a nice, enjoyable date-like experience for married couples. Here is an idea if your kids aren’t old enough to see a movie on their own. Bring along an older babysitter and have them sit with your kids in a kid-friendly movie, while you and your spouse see that romantic adult movie alone. Movies can still be dates, even if the kids are there.

Have a Date at Home

A date is meant to be a relaxing and romantic time when two people enjoy each other’s company. It can occur anywhere- even at home. Feed the kids their dinner and then send them off to bed. Then prepare a special romantic dinner just for two. Go all out. Use candles, romantic music and fine wine. Make it feel like a date. And afterwards, you can bring out a board game that is just for adults. Or you could put on the same song you listened to on your first date and have some wine.

The idea is to take any time you and your spouse have together, however long or short, and make it a date. These are the little things that take some effort, but help to maintain a long-lasting and healthy marriage. They can be fun too!

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