Dating Games for Couples

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Dating GamesDating games are a great way to spend time with your girlfriend or boyfriend.  There’s nothing like a new love.  The fun times, secret looks, and special moments make life so much more exciting.

If you really want to spend some quality time with your new favorite person, here are some great dating games for the two of you to get to know each other better.

Miniature Golf

This is an all time favorite summer dating game for couples.  Miniature golf is fun, active and gets you outdoors.  It can be played with just the two of you or you can bring along friends.

Some courses even offer glow in the dark mini golf – which can make a summer night really interesting.  Last but not least, as a fun dating game mini golf allows you to get familiar with the real game, minus the longer 18 or 27 holes.


Who doesn’t love bowling?  If you don’t take yourself too seriously, this game can bring lots of bonding, laughter and even a few bloopers.  If one of you already has great bowling skills, then it will be a great learning experience for the other person.  So clip your finger nails, get on your bowling shoes and get going with your strikes!


Ready to call the shots?  A few games of pool at your local billiard is sure to improve your coordination skills.  You can teach, be taught or learn together.  Pool is definitely a one and one dating game.

Air Hockey

Air hockey brings out your competitive nature.  You have to be quick and reactive.  If video games just aren’t your thing, but you still live the thrill, head down to an arcade.  A few games of air hockey will get your blood pumping!


Bored out of your mind?  Looking for fun indoor dating games?  Why not try your hand at chess, dominoes, checkers or scrabble?  Each game requires thought and will challenge both you and your sweetie.  All the above can be played with only two players.  For more fun, invite friends to play dominoes and scrabble.


For all of you turning up your nose on paintball, get a grip.  Haven’t you ever seen the cult classic 10 Things I Hate About You?  Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Larisa Oleynik and David Krumholtz starred in this cute teen romantic comedy.

Guess where Patrick (Ledger) chose to take Kat (Stiles) on a date to cheer her up?  Yes, a paintball obstacle course. But don’t think this game is just for teenagers, Reese Witherspoon and (the ever gorgeous) Tom Hardy also had a fun paintball date, in the 2012 hit, This Means War.


I had to throw a real sport in here.  There’s nothing like actually learning, mastering and enjoying a sport.  You can pick a decent set of tennis rackets and a pack of tennis balls at any discount, wholesale, sporting goods or even — retail store.  I love tennis and you will too.

I bet you never thought dating games could be so much fun, huh?  Well, now you know better.  Plus we’ve equipped you with a handy little list of dating game ideas for you and your new love.  Get out, bond, laugh, get to know each other better, spend time together and fall in love.

What are some dating games that you and your special someone enjoy?

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