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A relationship usually starts with dating. This is the stage where two people get to know each other, communicate, interact, and tell each other’s likes and dislikes. Dating is never easy. During the first date, the persons involved feel awkward. On the succeeding dates, they expect something from each other.

Your every moment counts when you’re in the dating stage because there are numerous and possible opportunities for mistakes, happiness, or missteps. In reading this article, you will learn some dating rules and relationship tips that can help you win your special someone.

1. You have to always look at your best all the time. It doesn’t mean that you have to wear expensive clothes just to impress your date. Just know the basics – wear appropriate and well pressed clothes, or wear just enough accessories such as watch and a nice scarf for the ladies. If you don’t know how to present yourself well and always look messy, the impression would be – you cannot take care of yourself. It would also lead to the idea that you cannot handle a relationship.

2. Always be punctual. When you show up late on your first date, what do you think your date’s impression will be? You will always keep them waiting for you.

3. You have to enjoy your date and have fun. Looking for a partner is serious business but you have to keep in mind that you have to enjoy the moment.

4. Give compliments to your date on how he or she looks. Both men and women take time to prepare for the date. It’s nice to hear that your date appreciates and likes how you look.

5. You should show how interested you are to your date and at the same time be interesting. You may share your insights or ask some questions. You have to pay attention to what your date is interested in such as what type of music they listened to, what books they read, what are their hobbies or what type of movies they watch.

6. Since dating is the beginning of a relationship, you should not lie in any aspects of your life. Do not pretend to be something that you are not.

7. You shouldn’t give too much information about yourself during a first date such as your home number or what’s your daily schedule. You may consider sharing all this information once you fully trust the person.

8. You have to date people you are interested in and attracted to. Dating is the first stage of a relationship. Thus, if you are not serious and committed to be in a relationship, you should not date. Do not force yourself to date a person just because they like you but you don’t like them.

9. You have to stay positive even if a date doesn’t end well. Sometimes you have to meet a lot of frogs before meeting your prince or princess.

10. You have to carefully plan your date. You can use your creativity when planning a date. It doesn’t have to be spent in the most expensive restaurant nor do you have to prepare the most extravagant gift you can give to your date.

The above dating rules and relationship tips are highly effective. Just remember that once you decide to ask someone for a date, make sure that you are committed and serious about your intentions.

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