Dating Tips for Guys

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Dating Tips for Guys

Dating Tips for Guys

These two dating tips for guys are for men who aren’t quite sure what works with women and what doesn’t.  These tips can be used for single and married men because they are tips that will strengthen any relationship.

When you’re with someone, there are two main areas of concern.  What women want in a man and what they don’t want. 

So let’s get to those two areas of concern in relationships.  A MAJOR factor here guys is being able to identify which is which.  If you and your special someone are very close you should know what makes her happy and what will land you in hot water.

If you’ve been with someone for over a year and you don’t know that she prefers tea to coffee then there might be a problem.  I had to get that out.  Now on with the dating tips for guys. We’ll start off with the positive.

Dating Tip #1

You’ve heard it before, it’s the little things.  Women love when men do little things that get their attention.

Sometimes doing something that is borderline flirtatious can be thrilling.  For example, the next time you have to walk pass your wife or girlfriend brush against her arm gently even if you have enough room not to touch her.  When she notices and looks at you, just smile and keep walking.  If she returns the smile, you just earned five points.

Another subtle advancement that’s sure to get her attention and set off her butterflies is the gently pinch.  Use the back of your index and middle fingers to softly pinch her hand when you first meet up for a day.  This can be when you get home in the evening or meeting each other for lunch.

Okay so technically you’re getting three dating tips for guys.  Read on.

Dating Tip #2

Guys, please, please, please pay attention to this one.  Ladies this goes for you too.  If you are truly interested in, care about or are in love with a person do not, I repeat DO NOT ask them if you should do something, you already know they need you to do.

For example: your girlfriend is so sick, she had to stay home from work for two days. The second day of her illness, you call her and ask if she wants you to pick up some orange juice or Theraflu.  What do you think?  Get a grip!  Of course you should pick up some orange juice or Theraflu.  She’s sick.

When a man (or woman) does this, it makes the other person question how much you really care.  Are you asking and partially hoping she will say no so it lets you off the hook?  This kind of behavior is lazy, selfish and inconsiderate.  This is a red flag in my book and it definitely sends a bad message.

The bottom line with these dating tips for guys is to know your partner.  When two people are genuinely close they will know each other intimately.  They will do and say things to keep each other happy.


Share your dating tips below and then check out these romantic ideas.


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