Dating When You Just Want To Be Friends

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friends_with_ex_cDating sites don’t have to be just for those people who are looking for romance and relationships.

They can actually be great places to meet people who are looking for friendships too. For people aged over 60, online dating sites are the perfect places to find friends who live in your area and who have the same likes and dislikes as you do.

The option for romance is always there, but making friends is always a great place to start. Personally i found that the older I got the less interested I was in sex and more interested in companionship. It is not the same for everybody of course.

Reasons why you might be looking for a friendship

Maybe you have recently divorced or been widowed. If this is the case you are likely to need good friends around you, but would prefer not to start a new relationship.

Having a friend of the opposite sex who can provide a partner for trips to restaurants etc can fill the void left by your previous relationship.

You may simply prefer to focus on other things in your life. Having a new relationship can be very exciting, but it is also hard work. Having a friend or even several who you can call whenever you feel like it is a great way to do things in your own time and at a pace which suits you.

Friends can provide someone to talk to without the pressure of a potential relationship. This can be mutually beneficial for both people and can offer something which is even better than a romantic relationship.

 Some rules for finding friends on a dating website

Always make it absolutely clear that you are looking for friendship only. If you are thinking that it may develop into a relationship at a later stage you should also mention this in your profile.

The last thing you want is to disappoint a would-be suitor. We find that most people are quite open to romance but may not want to rush in.

Once you have found a friend and begun “dating” you should keep a check on your feelings. If they change and you start to feel romantically inclined it is important and only fair to tell the other person.

They may have also started to change their mind, but equally they may not have. The friendship may be on shaky ground if this happens.

Don’t expect your new friend to be exclusive. This is not how friendships work. You and the other person should have a good range of friends and should spend time with them as a group and alone.

Just because you have found yourself alone at a later stage in your life it doesn’t mean you need to use online dating to find a new partner. It may be expected, but it isn’t compulsory.

You now have the ability to trawl through profiles and find the right person to become your friend. It is a perfectly reasonable thing to do and great use of the available technology!

Lyndon Ogden is a writer on love and relationships and also the owner of dating websites including which specialises in the seniors market. 


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