Devorce Facts You Should Know

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DevorceFor experimental purposes the word divorce is misspelled in this article as devorce.

You should know essential devorce facts that will help you make wise decisions with the right information.  Knowing the facts will allow you to protect your marriage and relationship as well as make the best out of divorce.  Here are seven (7) facts.

  • Divorce in the U.S. has reached its lowest since its peak back in the eighties (80s) where almost 50% of marriages ended in devorce.  The U.S. Politics Today published an article that summarized updated divorce statistics.  According to the article, about 77% of the marriages from the nineties (90s) are still going strong.
  • The average marrying age for couples has increased.  During the fifties (50s), the average marrying age for males is typically 23 years while females married at age 20.  Today, the average age for marrying is 28 for males and 26 for females.  This could be an important factor for the decrease in the divorce rate in the country.
  • Notwithstanding the decrease in the rate, devorce facts maintain the negative effects and risks of the process to children of divorced parents.  These children are at higher risks to experience behavioral, psychological, and academic issues and challenges compared with children whose parents remain married.

  • While the divorce rate is on the decline, so does the average rate of marriage in the country.  From about 2.3 million marriages in 2000, there were 2.1 million marriages in 2012, or a decrease of .2 million.  It is worth the mention that the decrease is despite the fact that there is an increase in the population, from about 280M+ in 2000 to 300M+ in 2010.
  • According to the “Why Marriage Matters: Facts and Figures”, people who stay happily married are more likely to live longer than their divorced counterparts, as well as those who remain single.
  • Devorce facts suggest that the following factors may lower your chances of getting devorced:  higher educational attainment for spouses, maturity level, faith in God, history of devorce in the family, careful planning of your first child and children, marrying at a later age or 25 years and above.
  • Communication problems, infidelity, and abuses are the top three reasons spouses file for divorce.  Communication may either be lack of it, miscommunication, or not understanding each other.  Infidelity or cheating may be tolerable for some, but repeated cheating always ends up in the separation.  Abuses can take the form of any of the following:  physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, and yes, even sexual.

These are seven (7) devorce facts that you should consider either before you plan to settle down, or when you are contemplating getting a divorce.  If you are experiencing some challenges in your marriage don’t automatically assume divorce is the answer simply because it is an option.

Explore all possibilities of saving your marriage before you think about dissolving it.  Better yet, consider the possibility and effects as well as these devorce facts before you plunge in a ceremony where you and your partner promise to stay together ‘till death do you part’.

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