Did You Know These Things About Women?

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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.  Have you ever had a hard time interpreting women?  What about the single women that you potentially want to date?  If you want to win us over, then take the time out to understand us.

1)      We all want to get married and have kids.  NOT.  There are plenty of single, successful women who do not want to get married, let alone have kids.  They may or may not be in the minority, depending on which group of women you ask.  Either way, do not think that all of us will be nagging you to propose.

 2)      We notice everything on a date.  As trivial as it may seem, we will take note of how you incessantly text on a date or is rude to the waiter.  When in doubt, be a gentleman.

 3)      We don’t want to replace your mother.  Momma’s boys need not apply.

 4)      Being a cheapskate is a deal-breaker.  If you are unable to pay for a $12 diner meal for your date, then perhaps you should re-evaluate your wooing skills.  Whether or not you should always pay for a date all the time is a whole different topic that we won’t get into right now.  It is the general consensus that splitting the bill down to the middle early on in the relationship feels more like hanging out with a friend than going on a date.  We are modern women who can take care of ourselves, but we like that a man has the capability of taking care of us.  Show it.

 5)      Just because we’ve dated a lot doesn’t make us promiscuous.  Having a lot of dates under our belts doesn’t equate to promiscuity.  Who said we slept with all of them?

 6)      We aren’t single because there is something wrong with us.  Some of us are single because we actually choose to be.  Others have let their careers get in the way and still others might have just gotten out of a very long relationship that didn’t work out.

7)      We pay attention to how you treat your friends, family, pets, everything.  Having poor family relationships is a red flag, but it is dependent on the reason why.   The way you treat others  is a good indicator of how you might treat a girlfriend.

 8)      Some of us really do not like the metro-sexual look.  Tweezing and shaping your eyebrows, taking longer than us to get ready, or just generally looking prettier than us might float some women’s boats.  For the rest of us, we like our men manly.


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