Divorce Attorney Checklist

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Divorce AttorneyAre you searching for a divorce attorney?  If your marriage has reached the point of no return and you’ve made the big decision to part ways, then finding a good divorce attorney will be your first step.

Should your spouse decide to have his or her own attorney, then you will definitely need your own representation.  If however, you have no property or children and you can divorce on good terms, a good divorce attorney will promptly and professionally oversee the process for both of you.

Here are a few tips for finding your divorce attorney.

What to look for in a good divorce attorney.

  • Experience that pertains to your specific situation
  • Ability to answer your questions to your satisfaction
  • Referrals from his or her past clients
  • Able to focus on important issues with good judgment
  • Makes himself or herself accessible to you
  • The full costs involved with hiring your attorney
  • Confidential communication with your divorce attorney
  • Negotiating skills with good manners and respectful behavior
  • A good track record with settling cases successfully

Where to find a good divorce attorney.

  • Referrals from friends, family members and colleagues
  • Search Google for local divorce attorneys, i.e., “divorce attorney in city, state”
  • Referrals from attorneys you know with a different practice
  • Call your local bar association to obtain a list of divorce attorneys and credentials


What you should know about your divorce attorney.

  • Has he or she ever been sued by a client?
  • Can your attorney make long term financial calculations properly?
  • Are his promises empty and made simply to pacify you?
  • Will he or she push you into a contract unnecessarily?
  • Will your divorce proceedings be dragged out to increase the bill?


Though this is a not a complete list of all you need to know when searching for a divorce attorney, it is a good start.  Divorce should always be a last resort, but once you make that decision, it’s best to have reliable professional representation.

Share your tips and any experience with your divorce attorney in the comment box below.

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