Early Signs Of Potential Divorce – How To Avoid It

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divorce_picWe always get married with an open mind. Almost all of us do not get married with divorce on top of our mind.

We believe that the relationship will be a life-long one filled with happiness and events that are worth remembering from the positive point of view.

However, in many cases, many factors come into play which eventually leads to divorce.

It would be very helpful if we could be on the lookout for those early signs which if nipped in the bud could help save a marriage and avoid running through the process of divorce.

Any marriage or for that matter any relationship is build on the edifice of trust, faith and respect for one another. When certain events take place which weakens this very edifice, then such marriage relationships could be headed for trouble.

Understanding, a bit of patience and willing to walk that extra mile are also important qualities that are needed to keep any marriage working and growing in strength.

There are a number of early signs that men and women should watch out for which could be a prelude to a lot of bad things that could follow. The first sign is not hearing anything positive from your spouse about yourselves.

If we always start hearing criticism and negatives from your spouse it certainly is a warning that things are not fine to say the least.

Smiling and being nice to each other is a prerequisite for keeping a marriage working. When this stops and when both of frown and look down upon one another, it certainly means that things are not fine.

If you watch your spouse behaving this way, it should alert you and you should go deep into it if you are keen on keeping the relationship on the right track and on an even keel.

Home is a reflection of our mind and heart. A home that is neatly maintained tells a lot of untold stories about the strength of relationship between the wife and the husband.

When the house becomes dirty and unkempt and when both the husband and the wife start passing the buck, it is a sign that staying together in a neat home is no longer on top of their mind. This is an early warning that should never be ignored.

One of the best moments in a day that is busy and full of stress are those when the husband and wife are together. The love that they show to one another, the discussions that take place are a few important ingredients that indicate that both of them are longing for each other’s company.

On the other hand, when both of them consider the other’s company an irritation and intrusion in their privacy, it is certain that such a relationship is fast hurtling towards divorce.

Sexual contact is a very essential ingredient for a husband-wife relationship. Human beings are biologically designed by god to attract each other physically.

When this fails to happen in a marriage it is quite likely that things are not moving in the right direction as far as the relationship is concerned.

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