Elect Club Suggests Five Tips for the Perfect Flirt!

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Someone respond, flirt great to talk and agree on a date – sounds really all not that hard. But the reality is different: trembling knees, wet hands and a thick lump in the throat with us before we’ve even said a word. Flirting nervousness is always there. We’ll show you five secrets flirt with whom you no longer get a sweat.

Flirting: The Courage to Respond

If we find someone interesting, our shy comes on the way. We all are afraid to collect a basket and trust ourselves, so often fail to make the first move. But honestly, trust me take a heart and try it out! A portion of courage needs to flirt with them and remember; maybe your opponent is just as shy and so glad that you grab the initiative. Women can be active! Wait not long to go open to others!

Charisma: The Lifeblood Flirting

Flirting is the first impression in particular importance. Within seconds, the decision is whether we can find someone attractive and interesting. Eighth therefore on your charisma, conveys a positive and confident impression, how? Simply through an open and natural smile, it makes you seem sympathetic and immediately breaks the ice.

Communication through Body Language

Body language accounts for over half of our communication. Especially when flirting, we send out a lot of unconscious signals. So put your body language consciously! An open, upright posture suggests confidence. Your posture should be pointed in the direction of the person to signal interest and very importantly, holding eye contact. Anyone who is unsure of its effect, gestures, facial expressions and posture can also practice a bit at home already.

The Right Issues with Flirting

During the first meeting you should not coincide with the door falling into the house. Very controversial or intimate topics are not necessarily for a flirt. So avoid political debates, discussion of religion or the description of diseases. Instead of starting with innocuous, personal topics, you can start with a place of residence, occupation, hobbies or your last vacation.

Do not let things get

Rebuffed, every time in his life but it is important that you yourself cannot be beaten. Maybe your opposite was just in a bad mood or in a hurry. Do not take each car personally and see him as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. On the next occasion it may even work better!

With these tips, a great flirt nothing stands in the way. Be brave and get active, have fun flirting! You can also go through the article ‘Elect Club Return to The Basics of Romance’ which can help strengthen your relationships.

This is a guest post.  This article is contributed by Linda Howard who is part of the Elect Club team, works together with founder Daniel André. Linda is passionate to write articles on ‘dating/relationship’. You can follow Elect Club on twitter.


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