Essential Gift Buying Tips For Your Man

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men's watchBuying your man a birthday gift when on a tight budget isn’t always as easy as it might sound.

Get it wrong and you could easily be on the receiving end of a false smile, or worse a nasty glare.

If you are really unlucky he might even go so far as making a mental note of it and seek his revenge when it’s your birthday.

However, with a degree of research there is still a good chance that you can come up with something that he will like. Perhaps just as important is the fact that you won’t have broken the bank in the process.

This blog post will aim to take a closer look at how you might go about selecting the perfect gift for the man in your life. Following these instructions could well make the difference between a happy partner and one with a face like a cow’s back-side!

The DIY Message

One common slip up that women can be guilty of is jumping on the do-it-yourself bandwagon. What we are really saying here is be a little bit careful before buying your man some new DIY equipment.

If you are not careful your loved one might well think that you have only bought him a new tool so that he can attend to some more work around the house. Of course, if this is in your plan then it might be better to take a slightly more subtle approach.

An example of this might be to mention that “so and so from work has the latest xyz”, then you can sit back and gauge his reaction. If he seems genuinely interested in the tool then press on and get it bought, if not then steer well clear and think about something else.

Sports Clothing

Buying anything that is connected with keep-fit is dangerous territory. A man could easily put two and two together and assume that you are telling him he is over-weight.

Sadly following this rule will prevent you from splashing out on a new pair of trainers for him or taking out a new gym membership. However, you should still be able to buy him the replica shirt for his favourite football team.

There is a very real chance that this gift idea will get a beaming smile back, provided of course that you take the time to find out the right size first.

Personalised Gifts

One area that really shouldn’t cause any issues is the one that features a personalised gift.

Very often the male species will acknowledge the time and trouble that you have gone to in getting him something individual.

It could be something as simple as getting his name put on the back of that favourite football shirt. However, if you want to push the boat out a little and make it a truly memorable gift then consider one of the engraved watches.

The beauty about this gift is that he will remember it each and every day that he goes to put his watch on. You really won’t go far wrong with a personalised gift like this one.

Latest Fashion Trends

Sadly there can be a world of difference between what you think looks good on him and what he thinks. This is why splashing out on some of the latest fashions can often be a bad idea.

Again, it is probably better to try to gauge his reaction when he sees the kind of things that you want to buy him. This is easier said than done, especially if you are intending the gift to stay a surprise.

The watchword here is to “steer clear”, especially if you are in any real doubt as to whether or not he would wear what you buy. If you do press on and purchase something it is vital that you scrutinise his reaction when he opens the gift.

You should accept the fact that he just doesn’t like what you have bought and unless you are planning a divorce then never insist that he wears it.

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Like most men, your author (Lionel Shaw) enjoys receiving gifts from his wife. He recommends that when buying for a loved one that you should consider engraved watches as they always seem to be very well received.


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