Facebook Is Responsible For a THIRD Of All Divorces

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You’ve heard of the usual culprits of divorce: Lack of communication, infidelity, disagreement with how to raise the children, etc.  And now, there is Facebook.  Facebook has completely changed how we can communicate and share information and photos with those in our circles.

A firm has seen a 50% increase in divorce petitions with the word “Facebook” in it.

How can you have a relationship or marriage and still be on Facebook?  Plain and simple, just be open and honest.  There should be no surprises in their newsfeeds about you.   If you want to send flirty messages to someone or a former flame, then perhaps your current relationship needs some evaluation.

What is it that you are getting from those messages that you aren’t getting from your boyfriend/girlfriend?  Attention?  Communication?  Being assured that you are attractive from the “likes” that you get on your shirtless bicep pictures?

It is so much easier to maintain communication with your secret lover or to scout out members of the opposite sex in this virtual community.  You may think keeping in contact with your ex on this social media site is innocent, but your current girlfriend or you wife may not be fond of your “like” on one of her sexy pictures.

How many times has a tagged picture of you caused trouble? Note: If you are going through a divorce, stay off of Facebook.  It might be used against you in the court of law.



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