Five Perfect Autumn Date Ideas

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It’s officially Fall in the States right now, and along with the new season comes new date ideas! Here are five date ideas that are perfect for fall.

Go apple picking. Apple picking is a quintessential fall activity, and it’s a great fall date idea. Make a whole day out of it. Bring a picnic basket full of your date’s favorite foods and find a secluded spot in the orchard to share a bottle of wine and lunch. Then, pick some delicious apples, but don’t stop there. Take your apples home and have some fun with them in the kitchen. Bake an apple pie or get your hands dirty making some caramel apples. How they taste or what they look like doesn’t matter, it’s about having fun together in the kitchen and working together as a team.

Get lost in a corn maze. If you are lucky enough to have a big corn maze nearby, take advantage of it. Sure, it’s a bit cheesy and cliche but there is nothing wrong with that! Make it a competition between you and your date on who can lead the way out, or just have fun getting lost together.

Carve a pumpkin. Order a pizza, open a bottle of wine and get ready for a pumpkin carving party. Spread newspaper over your dining room table and have at it. Have fun laughing at each others carving skills and get lost in a bit of childhood nostalgia. Take photos of the end results and light them up. Sometimes the silliest dates are the best.

Football. Ladies, you’re probably thinking that there isn’t anything you’d like to do less than watch a football game on a date. Football doesn’t have to necessarily mean beer, loud yelling and greasy food though. Guys, if you really want to get your gal into Football, make it special and romantic for her. Explain to her what you love about the game and if you’re going to a huge tailgating party, make sure you don’t let her feel left out. Get her a shirt to wear in the team’s colors or even better give her a jersey of yours to put on.

Take a long walk. You can take a walk anywhere, anytime but there is something so romantic about holding hands and watching the leaves change colors. We all live such fast paced lives that sometimes we forget to stop and look around us. Leave your cell phones and stress back at the house and just walk and enjoy nature together.

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