Five Things To Consider Before Saying ‘I Do’ To A Backyard Wedding

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Backyard WeddingYour daughter comes to you and tells you the wonderful news that she’s getting married.

Then she tells you that there is no place in the world she would rather be married than in the home she grew up in.

This is her big day – you want to give her what she wants, but there are a few things to think about before letting your baby girl say “I Do” in the quaint, intimate setting of your backyard.

Supplies – Usually, the cost of tables, chairs, bar service, bar and wait staff, table linens, dish and plate ware is all included in the fee of renting a wedding location. When having the wedding in your home, such is not the case.

Chances are good that you’ll have to rent and bring in everything. Here are a couple of great resources for wedding supply lists:

The Guest List –Remember that scene in the movie Father of the Bride when Franck, played by Martin Short, told George, played by Steve Martin, that he would have to move all the furniture out of the house in order to fit all the people in? That is no joke.

With the average guest list size for a wedding hovering around the 150-200 people range you need figure out where you’re going to put all those people, especially if there’s a…

Rain delay – Yes, it is said to be good luck if it rains on the happy couple’s wedding day, but that won’t get you too far if you’ve only accounted for sunshine and keeping your guests outdoors.

Rain or shine, you’ll like need to bring a tent in, which means the ground will need to be level since tents used for weddings typically have flooring.

That means the lawn may incur a bit of damage, not to mention you may need to get a permit for a tent big enough to accommodate up to 200 people.  

Even if it rains the evening or days leading up to the wedding, the lawn may still be wet, meaning you’ll have the added stress of having to cover your lawn with plastic just like the ballparks do to keep the grass dry for your guests to stand on, as well as to limit the amount of damage and divots from foot traffic and high heels sinking into the mud.

Parking – Not only do you need to think about where you’re going to put everybody, but you should think about where they’re all going to park. Does your neighborhood have the capacity to accommodate all those cars?

If not, you may need to rent a nearby parking lot and bus people to the house, or hire a few people to valet the cars to another close-by location.

Bathrooms –With 150 people on the guest list, that’s a lot of toilet paper flowing down your pipes.  Does your septic system even have the capacity to handle that many people?

Weddings can be expensive enough, the last thing you want to have to deal with is extra costs incurred from septic overload and potential cesspool repair. Plan ahead and contact a septic company just in case, here are several in the Massachusetts area:

Of course, you could bring in portable restrooms (think 35 guests per bathroom, three bathroom trips per guest), and you’ll be happy to know that gone are the days of the standard teal hotbox of a Port-A-Potty as your only option.

Guests will want to do a mirror check or make-up refresh at an event such as this and there are a number of luxury options available that would alleviate any septic or cesspool repair worries.

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Stella wrote this piece for Wind River Environmental. Wind River Environmental provides septic pumping and septic inspections in Massachusetts and surrounding areas.


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