Four Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Show Her You Care

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Valentines Day GiftsFebruary is that special time of year when you’re given the opportunity to show those close to you that you’re thinking of them and that you love them. Sending something nice to your mother or surprising your girlfriend with a simple yet meaningful gesture on Valentine’s can make a day to be celebrated into one that’s reveled.

The gift or gesture doesn’t have to be lavish, though sometimes it helps; what it has to be is a reflection of your feelings and cares towards your loved one. The innate qualities of the gift should mirror how you feel, and it should be a reflection of the person you’re giving it to.

Typically, if the gift was asked for then it will already serve that purpose. If not, go with your gut or just take the time to read this list of four gift ideas for inspiration:

1. Candles
There’s a special allure that firelight creates for romance, and this is why you see so many people buying candles for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Scented candles like lavender, coffee, vanilla, and orange blossom can really improve a room or even a soothing bath.

Get her a few and set them up around the tub. Light them and wait for her to notice; the invitation for her to relax will alone be a caring gift.

2. Jewelry
Jewelry can often be the most lavish choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, but it doesn’t always have to be. Finding unique, personal, and thrifty earrings, bracelets, or necklaces is often a great way to show her that you care more about her connection to your personality than to your wallet.

If you have the means, then unique and lavish are usually good in tandem, but it usually isn’t necessary to mortgage your house to show her that you care.

3. A Robe
How many times has your girlfriend or wife asked you to hand her robe to her when she’s getting out of the shower because she’s cold? Even if she hasn’t, you should still know that the love for her robe goes deep and probably has for a while, so get her a new one.

If she doesn’t have a robe, please get her first! Having a nice robe will make her happy every morning, and she will most likely associate that happiness and comfort with you.

Make sure it’s soft and fluffy and that it envelopes her in her time of need. Pick it out in her favorite color. If she doesn’t have a favorite, get it in white, it’s hard to go wrong with white.

4. A Certificate to a Class or Spa Day
Help her create memories that she can carry with her for a lifetime. Paying for her to take a class in something that interests her can often be the best gift she can receive. Has she been yearning to learn how to crochet, rock climb, or build a bike from bamboo?

Send her to class! Has she been stressed because of work or school? Send her to the spa and help her not worry for a day. Be the one to give her an experience she won’t forget, she will certainly appreciate it in the long run.

So many people get caught up in finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t need to be confusing though; just think about how your gift will reflect their desires and how you feel towards them. If you do that, and maybe spend a little bit of money, you can’t miss.

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