Fun Anniversaries You Should Be Celebrating

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anniversaries to celebrateRelationships are full of milestones, but many of us tend to only celebrate a few.

First kiss, first date, and wedding anniversaries are all worth celebrating.

But sometimes it’s worth celebrating the more unique events in your relationship history. For example:

The First Time You…

… Met

Why not celebrate the time you had together before you were together? If you were friends before your relationship began, you probably have very vague memories of the first time you met.

Maybe it was the first day of a new job and your eyes met across a crowded office, or maybe you were out for drinks with mutual friends and spent the whole evening laughing together. Or maybe you just said “hi” and then forgot they existed for a year, until you finally hooked up on a night out.

Celebrate by making a scrap book of photographs of the two of you together, along with tickets and mementos from events you’ve been to.

…Went on Holiday Together

It’s a sad fact that many couples break up after heading on a holiday together, so if you and your significant other are still together a year after your first trip abroad then you’re definitely doing something right.

Celebrate by recreating the fun memories: on your living room floor. Get the beach towels and bikini out, stick some europop on the radio, and enjoy some “sex on the beach”. Or mojitos: you can buy all sorts of premade cocktails these days.

…Said “I Love You”

Carrie Bradshaw once said that “everything before I love you doesn’t count”, so it’s worth commemorating the day that one of you drunkenly blurted out those three words.

It’s even more worth commemorating if you managed to do it sober. Loads of couples forget to tell each other how they feel on a day to day basis, so celebrate the event with some personalised gifts that tell your significant other exactly how much you care.


You know a relationship is real when you start to disagree with each other. It might have been over something small, like your Friday night plans, but at the time it probably felt like a huge deal.

Well, you both got over it; and now you bicker like an old married couple. Celebrate by calling a truce, and trying a bit of compromise.

He can watch her favourite film with her and she can watch his with him, and nobody is allowed to make snarky comments (or play with their smartphones). Anyone who does is subject to a dare: make these as sexy or funny as you like.

…Met the Parents

If you’re still in the circle of trust a year after meeting the folks then it’s time to let out a sigh of relief. Whether you actually get along with them or not is another story.

If you do, bring them into the celebration by inviting them round for a cooked meal. If your relationship with them is rocky, maybe now is the time to think about what you can do to improve it.

What other anniversaries do you think are worth celebrating?

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